Welcome to my site! I’m Rebekah, and I use this place as a way to share my passions with others. Namely, I’m quite interested in body typing, aestheticism, beauty, and style.

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Some of the topics that I write about:

Kibbe Body Types

A line art drawing of two bodies standing on a flower

The Kibbe body types are 13 body types that are holistically determined by the shapes and lines of your bodies.

Rather than trying to ‘correct’ or bring symmetry to your lines as other body typing systems would, the clothing, hair, and makeup recommendations for the Kibbe body types are all designed to harmonize with the lines of your body.

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A line art drawing of a teacup with yellow flowers in it

Aestheticism is the concept of ‘art for art’s sake’, and it’s a concept that has brought me a lot of happiness and contentment.

I love learning about different types of aesthetic styles, and the concept of letting things exist just to be beautiful has really helped me learn to let go of perfectionism. So called ‘flaws’ are so often what make things so beautiful.

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Health & Beauty

A line art drawing of two bottles with some flowers

Health is a really important part of beauty and one that I’ve struggled with a lot during my life. Everything from exercising, to eating healthy, to taking proper care of my skin has been a challenge for me to learn.

I hope to make these things easier for others by sharing what I’ve learned about them.

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My own journey of self love has been a difficult one, and is still ongoing, so I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned, I’m able to help people learn how to love themselves and feel beautiful. ♡

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