Holiday Gifts for Knitters

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With holidays comes shopping. And with shopping comes not knowing what to get for your knitter friend. But fear not, for I have a list of 5 things you can get for knitters during this holiday season.

These gifts work for any budget, so don’t be concerned if money is tight.


Knitting needles aren’t completely eaten up by a project; they’re reusable. Yarn, on the other hand, is not reusable, unless the project is unraveled and the yarn turned back into a ball or skein.

Unless the knitter you know is unraveling every project they complete, they’re going to need more yarn sooner or later.

So why not get some as a gift? Even if you don’t know the first thing about knitting, choosing yarn won’t be a difficult task. Just go to a local craft supply store and find their yarn section.

Your eyes will probably be drawn to a specific color or two. Maybe the pigment is rich and deep, lovely for a classier knit. Or perhaps the yarn is light and bright, making it suitable for a fun project. Once you’ve found a nice color, the next thing you need to do is check out the material.

All yarns are made from different materials, and different materials are suitable for different kinds of projects.

Here’s a rundown on the different types of yarn:

  • Wool yarn is warm, breathable, and has good elasticity, making it easy to knit with and great for beginners. The softest type of wool is lambswool, and it is also the warmest.
  • Cotton yarn is easy on the skin, making it safe for those with skin allergies. Cotton is also great for repeated wearing and washing. Although pure cotton is very cool and rather heavy to wear, spinners sometimes mix it with synthetic fibers to allow for more elasticity and a lighter weight.
  • Mixed fiber yarns are elastic and light, but not always synthetic. It’s possible to get cotton mixed with wool or cotton mixed with silk. Mixed fiber yarns can also be easier on the skin then 100% wool yarns.

For a safe bet, go with cotton yarn, or a cotton mix. It will be easy on the skin, and has a good texture.

The next thing to know when choosing yarn is the size. There are 6 sizes, ranging from lace (1) to super bulky (6). The best size to get is probably a medium (4) sized yarn, but if you’re purchasing for a beginner, bulky (5) yarn will help them see their stitches more easily.

If you’re getting more than one ball in the same color, size, and material, you’ll need to check the die lot numbers on the yarn. They’ll be labeled somewhere on the band that’s holding the yarn together. Make sure that the die lot numbers on all the bands are the same. If you choose yarn from different die lots, the colors won’t match exactly, and it will be noticeable in finished projects.

To review, you should probably get a medium (4) sized yarn, made out of cotton or a cotton mix and if you’re getting more than one ball or skein, then you should check to make sure that the die lots match.

Gift Cards

Does the yarn seem too complicated for you? Are you worried you’re going to get the wrong color, size, or material? That’s alright. You can just get a gift card! Gift cards are great for any budget, and they take the pressure off of choosing a gift.

Knitting Book

There are different kinds of knitting books, some are just patterns, others are knitting bibles, and some are for troubleshooting.

Knitting books that have just patterns generally fall into categories. Some have just toy patterns, others are for baby knits, some are filled with accessories, others have a bit of everything.

If the knitter you’re gifting is expecting a baby sometime soon, a book of baby knits will be the perfect gift! These books usually include patterns for baby clothes, blankets, and toys.

Trendier knitters will probably appreciate a book full of accessory or clothing patterns.

Beginner knitters will find great value out of a knitting bible, as it will allow them to cultivate their craft and turn into a yarn master.

If you’re not quite sure what to get, try to find a book that has a bit of everything.

Knit Kit

Knit kits are kits that include a pattern, the necessary amount of yarn to complete it, and possibly also knitting needles in the correct size to complete the pattern. This is a great gift, and the prices of knit kits range. Usually knit kits will say what level of knitter they’re good for, from beginners to experts.


Avid knitters usually have large stashes of yarns, needles, and completed projects. And some of them don’t have a good storage solution for their stashes. So why not get them some pretty boxes or some shelves, or something similar to keep their stuff organized?

Hopefully you now have some ideas for what you’ll get that special knitter.

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