Holiday Gifts Writers Can Make

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Coming up with gift ideas that you can make as a writer can be challenging. After all, most artistic gifts are visual, such as paintings, sculptures, and sketches. But there’s no reason why a gift can’t come in the form of written words.

The lovely thing about words is how evocative and specific they can be. The right words can just reach out of the page and grasp a person’s soul. A gift made of words can be so much more powerful and personal than a gift made from paint, fabric, or clay.

Here are 4 gift ideas for writers, all of which involve writing. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, as long as it comes from the heart, it’ll be great.


There are many different kinds of poems, from a haiku to a limerick.

The lovely thing about poetry is the combination of abstractions, comparisons, and emotions that create a harmony, like the different instruments in a song. All these parts mixed together will create stanzas that sing.

Poems are a very heartfelt thing, and the receiver of a nice poem will be very grateful to receive something so sincere and personal.

List of Lovely Descriptors

This is a very beautiful and personal gift, not to mention a very touching one. Sometimes people forget why they’re special, or why they’re loved. That feeling of not being needed or not feeling good about oneself, it’s one of the most terrible feelings.

So remind someone why they’re so amazing with the gift of a list of lovely descriptors about that person. It will really cheer them up when they’re feeling down. Like a warm hug, but in words.

Tell the gift receiver why their personality is so wonderful using just adjectives! This list can even be arranged so that the first letter of each descriptor spells a word, multiple words, forms their name, or tells them something amazing.

Short Story

Who wouldn’t love to be a character in a story? A lot of people wish that they could escape their mundane lives and experience the surreal worlds of fantasy or sci-fi.

So why not make those wishes come true? You could write a short story, and have the gift receiver be the main character, swooping in and saving the day, living a life they wish they could (but can’t, since dragons don’t exist).

This gift may be time consuming to make, but it’d be a really fun gift to receive.

Picture Book

You don’t have to be good at drawing in order to make a picture book. The pictures just make the words more meaningful; they add another layer of complexity to the story.

Picture books don’t just have to be for children either. A nice way to tell a heart warming story of a wedding, an anniversary, or a recovery can be through the combination of pictures and words.

You can’t even draw a stick man? That’s okay. Instead of drawn pictures, you could use photographs.

Do you have any ideas for gifts that writers could make? Let me know in the comments below.

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