How to Make Your Room Look Cozy

How to Make Your Room Look Cozy -

There’s nothing quite like arriving to your home and embracing the sensations of comfort and coziness. Feeling your stress melt away after a long day is just a wonderful feeling.

It can be tricky to figure out how make your room seem cozy, but I have come up with 5 different ways to do so.

1. Seating


When visiting other places, I find it’s always a relief to see different kinds of seating. To know that I can find a comfortable place to rest puts my mind at ease.

That relief also applies to my home. I find it comforting to know that when I’m in my room I always have a place where I can sit down and unwind.

If you don’t have any seating in your room currently, here are some ideas for bringing it into your decor:

  • Turn your bed into a daybed. You don’t need a special frame to turn your bed into a daybed. Just place your bed in a corner of the room and line the sides with pillows.
  • Get a beanbag chair. Beanbag chairs are super comfy and easy to move around. You can also get them in almost any color or pattern to match your decor.
  • Try out floor cushions. The best thing about floor cushions is how easy they are to store when not in use. They can be kept underneath a bed or stacked on top of each other. You can also lay them out in a variety of different ways.
  • Get a chair. You can get a simple chair for a pretty cheap price these days, and adding a throw or pillow will jazz up even the most boring of seating options.

2. Pleasant Smells

Pleasant Smells

Never underestimate just how much scents can affect how you interpret a room.

Even the prettiest of rooms will seem uninviting if it smells like garbage. An ugly room can greatly be improved by pleasant smells.

Often, our memories are easily triggered by scents, and so using scents that trigger pleasant memories are a great thing to use in your personal space.

When I was a child I used to play with rose petals that had fallen on the ground, and so the smell of roses triggers memories of a time when I was more care-free. Because of this, I like to use rose scented objects in my room.

Here are a few different ways to get some pleasant smells into your room:

  • Essential oil diffusers. Oil diffusers allow you to choose a variety of different essential oils to diffuse into your room. You can get oils that are good for different purposes such as lavender for sleep, peppermint for healing, lemon for happiness, and frankincense for relaxation.
  • Pot pourri. Pot pourri is usually made from dried up plants, fruits, and herbs that are stored in small bowls or vessels. I currently have some jasmine, rose, and lemon pot pourri in a glass vase beside my bed.
  • Scented candles. I love using scented candles to relax, and they’re super easy to find in stores! You can get all kinds of different scents, like chocolate, rose, lavender, and pine.

3. Pillows and Blankets

Pillows and Blankets

Remember when you were younger, and you used to build forts out of blankets and pillows? Decorating your room with lots of pillows and blankets will make you feel like you’re living inside of a classier version of your childhood.

When getting blankets and pillows, try to coordinate with the rest of your room’s decor, by getting complimentary or analogous colors, and by getting flattering patterns.

Here are some ways to introduce blankets and pillows into your decor:

  • Add extra throw pillows and blankets to your bed. These will make your bed look very inviting and comfortable.
  • Place a small pillow on a chair in your room. A small pillow can add a pop of color, and is always nice to have on an uncomfortable chair.
  • Hang a tapestry or some curtains. Even though they aren’t technically blankets, tapestries and curtains have the same effect as blankets, and are a way to make your room look more cozy and your walls look less plain.

4. Variety in Textures

Variety in Textures

Utilizing more than one sense when decorating is vital to making a cozy room. Don’t stop at just pretty visuals and pleasant scents, add in a variety of different textures. Pillows and blankets are a great way to do this, but there are other ways as well.

Here are some ways to get different textures in your room:

  • Add objects made from a variety of materials. These objects could be small plushies, glass figurines, paper sculptures, or wood carvings.
  • Get a throw rug to place beside your bed. Not only will a throw rug keep your feet warm when you step out of bed in the morning, it can also add a splash of color to your room.
  • Keep some plants. Plants are an amazing way to add texture, clean air, and life to your room. You can get plants in all shapes and sizes, from a small succulent for your bedside table to a large hanging plant for your wall.

5. Objects with Sentimental Value


We often associate emotions with certain objects, even if we don’t mean to do so. Because of this, a room that has a lot of important objects will seem to be filled with happiness and love.

You can use this to your advantage by decorating your room with objects that hold a lot of sentimental value.

Here are some ways to bring sentimentality into your room:

  • See if you have any of your childhood toys in storage. Take them out and display them on a shelf.
  • Display pictures that mean a lot to you. It could be pictures of anything, like your pets, friends, family, yourself, events that you really enjoyed, etc.
  • Keep a scrapbook of all the little things you’ve saved over the years. Ticket stubs, images, cards, they can all go inside of this.
  • Press or dry out flowers and leaves that you think are really pretty. After they’re dried out, hang them up on your wall or make a collage out of them. This is also a great way to preserve the flowers you may get on Valentine’s day.

Those were 5 different ways you can make your room look cozy. If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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