My Writing Inspiration

My Writing Inspirations -

Inspiration generally has a large influence on the creations that one makes. I’ve decided that I would share some of the things that inspire my fiction writing.

Please note that is is not a complete list, as many things effect my work in subtle and nonnoticeable ways.

John Green

I absolutely love John Green’s work, especially Looking for Alaska and Turtles All the Way Down.

John Green is an author who publishes YA novels, and he addresses heavy topics (such as mortality and mental illness) in very captivating and relatable ways.

He does an absolutely amazing job with the dialogue, descriptions, plot, and characters, and I would recommend his books to anyone who enjoys reading or writing YA fiction.

Since I enjoy writing YA novels, reading John Green’s work is always inspiring to me.

The Wheel of Time Series

The Wheel of Time series was probably one of the first book series that showed me fantasy and complex world-building in the form of writing.

While I had already seen sci-fi and fantasy movies, it was only until I had started reading this series that I was able to really grasp how wonderful fictitious worlds could be.

The Wheel of Time series also marked a shift in my reading styles. Before then, I had only been casually reading the books in the various Nancy Drew series, which I had started a couple years prior to reading the first book in The Wheel of Time series.

I was an avid reader as a child, but that series brought me to a whole new level of reading. It was only then that I really started analyzing writing styles, characters, plots, and settings. 

It also encouraged me to explore other genres, as I then started to read fantasy, drama, sci-fi, and romance, instead of just mysteries.

If it wasn’t for this series, I doubt I would have started writing for fun, as The Wheel of Time series was the first thing that made me realize just how interesting writing can be.


Supernatural is a TV series about two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures.

I find that the setting of Supernatural really inspired the novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo of 2017, as my novel is about witches, reapers, and demons.

The setting of Supernatural is a world very similar to ours, except that monsters and mythological creatures exist, and they are everywhere. Despite them being everywhere, not many people are aware of their existance, unless they are supernatural creatures themselves.

I really love the idea of supernatural creatures being a natural part of reality, and so I have been exploring that concept recently.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, a video game inspires my writing. It may seem kind of strange, but Skyrim has a lot of world-building and lore built into it, and it also has a heavy dose of interactive stories and interesting characters.

I’m not sure which specific elements from Skyrim inspire my writing, but I think that it’s primarily the world-building and the conflict.

What I find interesting about the world-building is that everything seems to connect into one large piece of lore. Creatures and stories don’t seem out of place, unless they’re taken completely out of context.

As an example, the Dwemer (or Dwarves) are a race that went extinct long ago, but they were quite technologically advanced. They had machines and mechanisms that seem to be constructed from gears and magic.

This may seem pretty ordinary on it’s own, but The Elder Scrolls series takes place in a world that is mostly medieval fantasy.

Yet the combination of steampunk and medieval fantasy works. Perhaps it’s because the magical parts in the machines are commonly found and used throughout the world of Skyrim, so it creates cohesiveness.

The worldbuilding isn’t the only thing that I find captivating, I am also fond of the levels of conflict.

In the game, which takes place in the province of Skyrim, there is a massive civil war going on. To simplify the history, the civil war happened because of a war between the elves (the Aldmeri Dominion) and the humans (the Empire).

One of the reasons the war ended was because the Empire signed a treaty that banned the worship of Talos, a man-god who has a lot of worship in Skyrim.

The people of Skyrim were outraged, and so a rebel alliance called the Stormcloaks was formed. Now the Stormcloaks and the Empire are in a civil war.

Now that civil war isn’t the only conflict in the game. Right in the introduction to the game, a dragon called Alduin attacks. Alduin is the games main antagonist, and in the lore he is destined to end the world.

So now we have 2 main points of conflict, the civil war and the foretold end of the world.

But there are also lots of smaller pools of conflict going on besides that, such as guilds that are falling apart, and Daedric princes (evil Gods) trying to amass power.

If there’s one thing I love in storytelling it is an abundance of conflict.

I could probably go on for a few thousand words about the worldbuilding and conflict of Skyrim (mainly because I have put hundreds of hours into playing it), but instead I’ll end the blog post here.

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