My Artistic Inspirations

My Artistic Inspirations -

Here is another list of my inspirations, but instead of my writing inspirations, this is a list of my artistic inspirations.

Please note that this is not a complete list, as many things affect my artwork in subtle and unnoticeable ways. These are just the things that I can easily tell inspire my work.

Happy D. Artist

Anima by Happy D. Artist - All credit goes to her for this image
Anima by Happy D. Artist – All credit goes to her for this image

Happy D. Artist does numerous paintings and illustrations of the female spirit. Her work is captivating and surreal and gives you the sense that you are glimpsing a different part of reality.

I first found her channel in late 2016, at around the time that I became very serious about improving my art. Her works led me to an interest in portraiture, and she continues to inspire me to this day.

I find that the way she presents recurring subjects in novel ways to be quite inspiring, and it has prompted me to explore my own mind to find the subjects that I want to represent.

Specifically, her recurring subjects of females, moths, and flowers have led me to a sparked interest in drawing females and aquatic creatures, such as jellyfish.

You can find many of her absolutely stunning pieces in her portfolio.

My Environment

My Artistic Inspiration -
Trees near my house

I find that the environment I am in has a strong influence on the artwork that I do.

If the weather has been very cloudy, rainy, dreary, or cold, I will start using desaturated colors and I will try to capture a more somber mood.

If I’ve been working more during the evenings, or if I’ve been spending more time awake during the dark hours, I will start drawing darker pieces that are set at night or in a dimly lit setting.

When it’s been sunny and warm, I have a tendency to illustrate brighter things, or I try to capture those feelings of warmth and light.

I find that I also tend to be more creative when I get more light, be it from the sun or from a light therapy lamp.

Even though I feel more creative when it’s dark out, and I feel more productive, I tend to get a wider range of ideas when I’ve been getting a lot of light and when I’ve been working throughout the day. I also stay motivated for longer.

Aquatic Creatures

My Artistic Inspiration -
Moon Jellies

As I mentioned before, I really enjoy illustrating aquatic creatures. I think this interest came about from a couple of video games that I played a lot as a young child: Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

Those two games are about scuba diving, finding new aquatic creatures, and exploring different underwater locations.

Some of those locations include coral reefs, ocean trenches, underwater caves, and sunken ruins.

Playing those games inspired an interest in marine biology at a very young age, and for a few years I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up. Now my aspirations are to be a professional blogger and author, but that changes every few months or so, as I am still young and discovering what I enjoy.

I still find aquatic creatures to be intriguing, especially as subjects to illustrate. They all have very different colors and shapes, and different kinds of movement.

Particularly, I really love jellyfish and octopuses (or octopodes if you want to get technical). I find that their fluid movements are captivating and their colors are mesmerizing.


My Artistic Inspirations -
Pink Aesthetic

This one may sound a bit weird at first, but once I explain a bit more, I think it will begin to make sense.

On Pinterest you can find many interesting pictures that capture certain moods and feelings. These are easily found by searching for ‘X Aesthetic’, where ‘X’ is replaced by whatever it is you want to see captured in a photograph.

As an example ‘Winter Aesthetic’ will produce several images that capture the various feelings of winter, from the feeling of freshly fallen snow, to the feeling of curling up by a fire.

When all of those photographs are put together, they so aptly capture the moods of different things. It really inspires me to throw my own emotions into my artwork instead of treating art as such an academic and scientific thing.

My Dad

My Artistic Inspiration -
A lovely painting that my dad made for me, all credit goes to him

My dad does a lot of abstract acrylic paintings, and I find the way he works with different colors and textures to be quite intriguing. I especially like the pieces he does with mostly neutral colors.

Those were some of my artistic inspirations. If you would like to share some of your artistic inspirations, leave a comment.

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