How to Get Yourself Out There

How to Get Yourself Out There -

Getting yourself out there and known can be very beneficial in the future, even if you are just a student now.

Having connections can get you jobs when you need them and can help you find potential employers, mentors, and customers, depending on what you want to do in the future.

Here are 3 ways you can get yourself out there.

1. Create an Online Portfolio

Creating an online portfolio can be useful to showcase many different kinds of work, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Artwork
  • Construction
  • Crafting
  • Engineering
  • Inventing
  • Programming
  • Writing

An online portfolio can be created in different ways, such as:

  1. YouTube videos that showcase programming or engineering projects
  2. Blog posts that include writing or that explain the projects that you’re working on
  3. Images of artwork, craft-work, or inventions

One of the most important things about an online portfolio is updating it consistently. People want to know that you’re still working on improving your skills, and so updates will show them that you’ve continued to practice.

Since portfolios are generally polished and contain only the best of your work, you may also want to have different pages, playlists, or posts dedicated to some of your smaller projects.

2. Share Your Thoughts and Opinions

The next way you can get out there is by sharing your thoughts and opinions on the topics that you are studying or want to become a professional in.

Do you want to become a game developer? Share your thoughts on where the industry is going, and your opinions on different game mechanics.

There are a couple important guidelines to remember here:

Keep it civil and professional

In most cases, swearing and vulgarities should be excluded.

An excellent way I’ve heard it explained is:

People won’t think you’re any more interesting or any cooler for using vulgarities, and so they won’t stick around just to hear you swear.

However, people will leave if they don’t like to hear swear words or vulgarities, so using that kind of language can drive people away.

Keep it Related to What You Want Your ‘Niche’ to Be

While sometimes it can be beneficial to explore topics that are related to what your interests are, or similar to the topics you normally cover, trying something completely different can drive people away.

The most common thing I can think of is politics. Unless you are a politician or want to become a politician, it’s generally best practice to keep your political opinions to yourself.

There are many cases in which you can be fired or not hired because of what opinions you have shared online.

For example, some government positions have a rule that you cannot share your political opinions since the political leaders change and it is your job to serve the role, not the person.

This guideline isn’t just for politics, it’s also for highly-controversial topics in general.

3. Network with Others

Try to connect with others that have similar interests and professions.

You can do this by finding websites dedicated to specific topics, people who post videos or blogs about whatever it is you’re interested in, or you can try to find people with similar interests through social media.

Networking is very powerful, as it is a good way to get jobs and find mentors, and a great way to help others do the same.

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