End of 2018 Announcements

It’s the end of 2018 now, and a new year is approaching. A lot has happened this year, but I’m sure a lot more will happen in the next!

This is why I’m making a few announcements, in regards to what I’m going to be doing in the new year.

Quite a few big changes are coming up, but I’m looking forward to the challenges that they bring.

2019 Art Course

The biggest thing happening next year is that I’m hosting a year-long art course.

I’ve been wanting to make a structured art course for myself for awhile now, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

I’ve also received some interest from my friends who want to participate, so if anyone wants join in on doing assignments, learning the fundamentals of art, and participating in concept art projects, then feel free to do so!

A post with some more information about the course and suggested art supplies will be published on Sunday, and the syllabus for the course will be published the following Sunday, so keep an eye out for those.

Blogging About Art

Along with my 2019 art course, I’ll also be blogging about art every Friday, starting on the 4th of January.

Art is one of my major passions, alongside writing, and I would love to start sharing my thoughts about art, so I’ll be doing so here.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of Cozy Creative Writing; I’ll still be publishing there every Wednesday. These art posts won’t replace my writing posts, it’ll just be something else to enjoy along with my writing posts.

Blogging about art on this site isn’t the only thing changing though. I’ll be slowly revamping this site to be more professional and organized, so if you notice any changes, that’s what they’re for.

Goals for the New Year

I have a few goals for 2019, as do many others, I’m sure.

Here are some of them:

  1. Create and share more art. Creating art really makes me happy, and so does sharing art, so I want to push myself to be more consistent about creating and sharing.
  2. Do more art studies and learn to do concept art. This is the driving force behind my art course, and I’m sure that if I stay dedicated I’ll improve my art tremendously.
  3. Revise my novel. During 2019 I’m going to be saying goodbye to the fast pace of NaNoWriMo and I’m going to go slow and steady when revising my novel. This will be a big step for me, as I’ve never revised a novel before.
  4. Begin selling art. I would love to be able to start selling my art during 2019, be it in the form of art prints or doing commissions. Beginning to make money from my art will help propel me down the path of being a professional artist.

The new year will hold many big and exciting things for me, and for many others as well. I’m really looking forward to it!

Overall, 2019 will hold a lot of improvement on my personal and professional art journey, and I hope that others will join me on this journey.

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