What I Did on my Blogging Break

Everyone will experience burn out at some point in their lives, and I, like many others, have experienced it multiple times. In fact, just recently I had become burnt out.

During February I had begun to feel burnt out, and I was no longer inspired to create anything. Even when I’m burnt out from writing, I usually want to make art. When I become burnt out from art, I get the urge to write. But this time, I had no creative urges in me at all.

I think the problem was that I was no longer making art for myself or my own enjoyment. At the time, I was challenging myself to post art online every day, and so I had to force myself to draw almost every day. I was also running a self-hosted art course kind of thing, which had weekly assignments that I gave myself, and so art became a very tiring and stressful activity.

That’s why I decided to cancel my 2019 art course. After all, the only participant was me, and it wasn’t making me happy, so why continue?

So I decided to take a break from making art and publishing blog posts during the month of March, in order to rest up and regain some inspiration and motivation.

Taking this break has really helped me reflect on what makes me happy and what I’m passionate about, and I’ve realized that I don’t want to fill my life with things that make me unhappy. I want to fill my life with things that give me joy and make me feel satisfied.

So that’s what I focused on during my blogging break. And here’s the things that I specifically did:

I did nothing.

That’s right, I did nothing. For a time. Since I wasn’t writing and I wasn’t doing art, I had some free time to do absolutely nothing.

I was able to spend some time sitting in the patches of sunlight on the floor, just breathing. Not thinking about anything, just feeling at ease for once.

I really love being able to do this, but I often don’t have the time, since it’s such an unproductive task. But whenever I do nothing, I always find I have a sense of mental clarity and peace afterwards. It’s such a calming feeling, and it’s something that I find important to do when I feel like I’m burning out.

I started learning a new instrument.

A couple of weeks into March, after I had done some reflecting on what I enjoy, I realized that one of the things I love, and often take for granted, is music. I really love being able to listen to my favorite songs and relaxing, but I’ve only ever experienced my favorite songs through recordings.

I really wanted to be able to step away from that, and so I decided I would learn to play the guitar.

I’ve had an electric guitar since I was 10, and I had made a couple of attempts at learning to play, but I had never had a reason to, beyond just learning it to impress other people. So my guitar just sat in the corner of my room, collecting dust (literally).

I started practicing, and I also realized that I much prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar to that of an electric guitar, so I made myself a challenge.

My challenge is to practice for 100 hours before my birthday. My birthday is towards the end of June, and so if I practiced my guitar for 100 hours total before then (about one hour every day) I would get a new acoustic guitar.

I made this challenge to see if I actually enjoyed playing guitar before spending some money on a new one, and so that I could build up some skills and learn a few songs.

Currently I’m learning how to play Something Good by Alt-J, a song that’s featured in the soundtrack of one of my favorite games.

I began work on cleaning, decluttering, and redecorating my room.

A spring cleaning fever began to descend on me during the beginning of March, when I realized just how cluttered and dysfunctional my room looked.

Last year, at around the same time of year, I had done a ton of decluttering, in an attempt to get into minimalism. And when I say a ton, I mean a ton. I had somehow managed to fit enough junk in my closet to fill up 3/4 of my room, and I have a pretty large room (which I am so grateful for).

Even though I had decluttered so much last year, clutter always has a way of coming back, but fortunately it wasn’t as bad as it had previously been.

That being said, my room was still too messy for my preference, so I made a checklist and began organizing things to be decluttered.

I still haven’t finished decluttering yet, but I’ve started going through things and organizing what I want to donate, what I want to sell, etc.

I’d also been wanting to paint my room for a few months, so I got some paint chips from the local hardware store and chose a color for my room. The color that I chose is a beautiful off-white color, almost a beige, which I much prefer over the blue-grey color I have currently.

During that time I had also been looking at Ikea’s website, searching for some new furnishings.

I ended up getting:

  • 1 Billy bookcase
  • 2 Mulig clothes bars
  • 1 Knagglig box (which I turned into a bedside table)
  • 1 scented candle
  • 1 Knapper mirror

I also got a new duvet for my bed! It’s lighter than the one I had before, so it’s nice for warm weather. The cover that I got for it is a beautiful shade of blush.

Interior decor is one of my interests, and I really love redecorating spaces. My bedroom is also one of the spaces I spend the majority of my time in, so making sure that it feels beautiful and calming is really important to me.

I played some video games.

I really love video games, but it had been awhile since I had played them, due to being really busy. Video games are some of my biggest creative inspirations though, so I spent quite some time playing Skyrim, which is my favorite video game.

If you’ve never played Skyrim, this next part won’t make much sense, but I finally got all 24 Stones of Barenziah! The hardest one for me to get was the one in the Arch-Mage’s quarters, since I’m not playing a mage-based build, and that room is locked unless you do some of the College of Winterhold quests (which is a school for mages).

I worked on blogging.

I took a break from publishing blog posts for the month of March, but I didn’t take a break from writing for the entire month. After a couple weeks of break from writing, I got back into it and wrote a few posts, and prepared some outlines, so that I could write a ton of posts during April.

I haven’t felt this good about writing in about a year, maybe even longer, and I think it’s because I’ve realized that I just want to write about the things that interest me. I want to write about aesthetics, fashion styles, decor, and all the things that make happy!

Because of that, I’m taking a break from my writing blog for the foreseeable future. I may still do occasional posts about writing here, but forcing myself to write weekly posts about a topic I had been losing interest in for months just made me feel anxious and overwhelmed, and I think that it showed in the quality of my writing.

So, overall, that’s what I did on my break!

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about what was going on in my life. I know I don’t normally share stuff like this, but I feel like it might be helpful to see what goes on in my head, what my interests are, and what I do when I become burnt out.

If you do find it helpful, please let me know by either leaving a comment, a like, or sharing this post with someone else who’d find it helpful. Thank you, and I hope I’ll be seeing you around!

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