Body Types Name Convention Change

In a recent announcement post, I said that I would be switching to a new naming convention for the body types.

This new naming convention was created by Merriam Style, I’m just gathering the new names in one location so that the switch between Kibbe’s system and the new one (called Body Geometry) is easier.

This will also act as a kind of translation guide too, so that anyone familiar with Kibbe’s system can learn about Body Geometry with ease, and vice versa.

List of Name Changes:

So to start, the overarching name for all of this is Body Geometry.

When referring to the body types in posts, I’ll now be referring to them as the 13 Body Types instead of the Kibbe Body Types.

Yin ↔ Soft | Yang ↔ Structured

Romantic ↔ Rounded
Theatrical Romantic ↔ Structured Rounded

Dramatic ↔ Sharpened
Soft Dramatic ↔ Soft Sharpened

Classic ↔ Blended
Soft Classic ↔ Soft Blended
Dramatic Classic ↔ Structured Blended

Natural ↔ Beveled
Soft Natural ↔ Soft Beveled
Flamboyant Natural ↔ Structured Beveled

Gamine ↔ Mixed
Soft Gamine ↔ Soft Mixed
Flamboyant Gamine ↔ Structured Mixed

List of Abbreviation Changes:

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to use abbreviations, so here’s how I would abbreviate the names:

Rounded ↔ R | Structured Rounded ↔ St R

Sharpened ↔ S | Soft Sharpened ↔ So S

Blended ↔ Bl | Soft Blended ↔ So Bl | Structured Blended ↔ St Bl

Beveled ↔ Bv | Soft Beveled ↔ So Bv | Structured Beveled ↔ St Bv

Mixed ↔ M | Soft Mixed ↔ So M | Structured Mixed ↔ St M

Conversion Between Kibbe Abbreviations and Body Geometry Abbreviations:

And now for a quick conversion section between the Kibbe body type abbreviations and the Body Geometry abbreviations.

R ↔ R | TR ↔ St R

D ↔ S | SD ↔ So S

C ↔ Bl | SC ↔ So Bl | DC ↔ St Bl

N ↔ Bv | SN ↔ So Bv | FN ↔ St Bv

G ↔ M | SG ↔ So M | FG ↔ St M

If I got any of the information wrong, please let me know and direct me to where Merriam Style has used the new naming convention differently, so that I can do my best to update this post with the correct information.

From now on I’ll be using this new naming convention for my posts, for a number of reasons:

  1. The original Kibbe body type names are quite gendered, so I want to use a naming system that can be comfortably be used for feminine, masculine, or non-binary bodies.
  2. The new naming convention the shapes of the bodies (hence it being called Body Geometry) rather than just providing abstract names that refer to different body shapes.
  3. I prefer the uniformity of the new names. No more having to keep track of theatrical, soft, dramatic, or flamboyant prefixes, now it’s just soft or structured variations of the main types.
  4. The Kibbe body types names have some stereotypes associated with them, which I’d rather break away from.
  5. I don’t agree with everything that Kibbe has said about his body types, so to avoid too much confusion I want to switch to a naming convention that is more descriptive and analytical, rather than spiritual.

Because of these reasons I will be switching to the Body Geometry naming convention for new posts, my Pinterest boards, future style consultations, etc.

I will also be making updated versions of some of my older Kibbe body type posts, such as my overview and test posts.

Since I’ve changed the name of my Pinterest boards to reflect the Body Geometry naming convention, here are the links to them:

Rounded Body Type | Structured Rounded Body Type

Sharpened Body Type | Soft Sharpened Body Type

Blended Body Type | Soft Blended Body Type | Structured Blended Body Type

Beveled Body Type | Soft Beveled Body Type | Structured Beveled Body Type

Mixed Body Type | Soft Mixed Body Type | Structured Mixed Body Type

That’s all for this week! Subscribe to my blog to get an email notification every time I publish a new post. Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around!

5 thoughts on “Body Types Name Convention Change

  1. I think I like those names better, the kibbe names have the advantage of making every body type feel like a compliment, but those seem more descriptive and I think most people would feel more comfortable with those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re awesome!! I go between Merriam Style and your site so I can get a nice overall understanding. You’ve helped clarify so much for me. I’m enjoying your site so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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