Winter Holiday Announcements

A whole year is now almost over. It feels difficult to accept; the older I get the shorter each year seems, but the days feel longer and longer. I’ll admit, I’ve never been good at keeping track of time, or even the days of the week. I feel like I’m getting slowly better at it though!

This past year has a very important to me, and I think a year that will play a large role in the shape my life.

During March I made the decision to begin writing about the Kibbe body types, and in the beginning of April I published my first post about the body types. Since then, both my blog and I have grown and changed so much!

You see, as a child and a young adult I was very dismissive of caring about appearances. I didn’t understand why it was important to care about how you look, and I looked down on others, especially other girls, who did care about that kind of thing. I had very much fallen victim to the ‘I’m not like other girls’ mentality.

I grew up reading stories where the female protagonists looked down on others who cared about such ‘frivolous things’. The female characters I saw on TV shows and movies didn’t seem to care about appearances either, even though the actresses were obviously styled and wearing makeup (but I was too naive to pick up on that).

These behaviors that I’d learned led me to make poor clothing choices under the guise of ‘not caring how I looked’. And by that I mean I was wearing clothes that didn’t make me feel good about my body, and I wasn’t doing anything to change that since I wasn’t supposed to care about how I look.

That behavior started to affect my skin and health too as I entered into my teenage years. I thought I wasn’t supposed to care how I looked, and so I didn’t bother taking care of my skin, I ate unhealthy foods, and I didn’t exercise.

While my attitude towards my appearance has been changing over the past couple of years, I think I made the most progress towards change during 2019.

I’ve started taking better care of my skin and hair, I’m exercising and stretching regularly, and I’m making choices about my appearance that make me happy.

I’m also feeling so much more confident with my personality, life, and goals, and blogging has really helped with that.

I know it’s kind of cheesy, but I want to take the time to thank you all for your support over this past year! Your readership, comments, and love have helped keep me going, even when I hit rough patches in life.

I’ll be honest, this post was written before I went into jaw surgery, so by the time that this is published I’ll still be recovering from that, but I should be well on my way to being fully recovered.

Some announcements for the new year now, since I’m sure that that’s what you came for!

Styling Consultations

In one of my earlier announcement posts, I mentioned how I would be starting style consultations after I recover from jaw surgery. Since I’ll be getting back to work in January, I’m aiming to start doing style consultations in late January or early February.

I will be offering two different consultation packages, and as I get more comfortable doing the consultations I’ll slowly introduce three more options. You can read about the different packages in one of my earlier announcement posts.

New Body Types Tests + More In-Depth Results

One of my first posts about the body types was a test so that you guys could figure out your body type. Well, I’ve gotten a lot of comments on that post, and through all of those comments I started to notice some patterns in confusions about some of the questions and results.

Because of this, I’ve formulated a new test, one that works for both male and female bodies.

I’ve also been doing some research into how male and female bodies differ in the results, and from what I can tell, only three possible answers change. If you’re trans or nonbinary, just choose the answers that best represent your body.

Also, instead of having the results be part of the test, I’ll do a separate post with the results, and what they mean. Both the test and the results will be going up on the same day, so stay tuned!

More Social Media Interaction?

I also want to work on becoming more active and interactive on social media in 2020. Specifically I want to improve my level of activity on Instagram and Twitter.

For my Instagram, I’m planning on making regular posts on outfit, clothing, makeup, hair, and accessory inspirations for the various body types. Here’s the schedule that I’m aiming for:

MondayRounded + Structured Rounded
TuesdaySharpened + Soft Sharpened
WednesdayBlended + Soft Blended + Structured Blended
ThursdayBeveled + Soft Beveled + Structured Beveled
FridayMixed + Soft Mixed + Structured Mixed

To increase my level of interactivity on Twitter, feel free to tag me if you want to know what body type a certain piece of clothing, accessory, etc, would look best on! I’ll also probably be doing weekly Twitter threads, with topics such as styling tips, body types of TV show or movie casts, and outfit ideas.

And that’s it for my announcements. If you’re interest in getting an email update each time I publish a new post, then please subscribe to my blog. I’ll see you guys with a new posts in 2020!

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