Another Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. I wrote a couple of posts before my surgery in early December, but this is the first thing I’ve written since then.

Unfortunately I’ve had a recurring infection since my surgery, and I’m currently on my fourth course of antibiotics for it. The antibiotics and the infection have delayed me in getting back to my normal schedule, as the antibiotics make me quite nauseous in the mornings, and the infection has slowed down my body’s ability to heal, meaning that I still tire easily.

I’ll probably need to get one of the metal plates in my jaw removed, as that seems to be the source of the infection, but the good news is that procedure won’t be nearly as long or arduous as my initial surgery!

The swelling on my face is almost completely gone too, and I’m really happy with the results of the surgery. The chronic pain that encouraged me to get the surgery in the first place hasn’t returned since.

Because it’s taken me a few weeks longer than expected to get back into my work routine, I’m going to push back the start of my consultations again. I just really want to make sure that I’m prepared for the consultations, and that I won’t have to worry about further health complications while juggling a work schedule.

I’m scheduled to get my plate removed mid-February, so if all goes to plan I’ll be starting the consultations in March.

However, my regular blog posting schedule and what I had planned for my social media will resume at the start of February!

I’ll also be getting to all the comments and emails that I’ve missed since my surgery. There are quite a lot of them, so I won’t be able to respond to them all at once, but I’ll try to respond to 5-10 comments every weekday until I’m caught up.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding during this time. Recovering from surgery has been stressful, but my jaw is healing pretty well, and I can eat solid foods again, so I’m quite happy!

2 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Hi Rebekah,
    Sending you wishes and prayers as you recover from surgery. ❤ ❤ ❤
    Rosana 🙂


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