Color Ideas for the Body Types

This is going to be a different post than what I normally do, since this is just an exploration of colors that I think would look good on some of the body types.

I’m doing this post because I’m struggling with getting into my workflow, and I’m also a bit stressed about an upcoming procedure that needs to be done on my jaw. Colors have always been a fascinating and relaxing thing to me, so creating these color palettes is a way for me to let go and relax.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support during this time! My recovery has taken a lot longer than I expected, and I’m also dealing with things like post-op depression, so your patience is appreciated. ā¤

I’ve also recently hit 250k views on my blog, so to celebrate I’m doing a Q&A! If you have any questions about the body types, or about me personally, let me know so I can answer it in the Q&A. šŸ™‚

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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