Body Type Test (2020 Version)

Almost a year ago I made and published a post on how to figure out your Kibbe body type, and after receiving hundreds of comments on it with people asking for help on how to figure their body type, I’ve worked on improving the body type test.

This test works no matter what your gender or biological sex is. The questions about waist and hip shape have been modified a bit, and the bust question can be skipped.

WARNING: If you have gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, or have struggled with eating disorders and you’re worried this test may be triggering for you, please don’t take it. Your boundaries and mental health are important, so don’t push yourself past your limits.


To start, make sure that you can properly analyze your body and bone structure when doing this test. This means you will either need a photograph of yourself or a mirror. Make sure that you’re wearing tight clothing or undergarments/swimsuit, so that you can see your underlying bone structure.

As a warning, glasses can distort the look of your face (especially cheekbones), so you may need to remove them when analyzing your face. High heels can distort the look of your bone structure.

If using a photograph of yourself, make sure the camera is at chest level, perpendicular to the ground, and placed far enough back for your entire body to be in frame. This will give the proper perspective of your body.

Make sure the camera is at chest height and a few feet away, so that you get an accurate picture of your proportions.

When recording your answers, make sure to keep things separated into the sections that are outlined in this test. It’ll make it easier for me to help you if you’re struggling with interpreting the results.

Remember to choose the answer that best describes your body. If you’re having a lot of difficulty analyzing yourself, then consider booking a consult with me, and I’ll help you determine your body type!

I decided to omit the illustrations and pictures with this version of the test, as I’m worried that the illustrations I made could throw people off, since there are usually so many different examples for each answer.

If you’re looking for a test with pictures, try taking Aly Art’s version of the test on YouTube.

Bone Structure of the Body

Q1. How tall do you look?

(This isn’t about how tall you actually are. This is about how tall you look like you are, based on how large or small your head is in comparison to the rest of your body. If you’re having difficulty with this question, try taking a full-body picture of yourself and ask some friends if you look tall, moderate, or short in it.)

A) Quite tall
B) Slightly tall
C) Average height
D) Slightly short
E) Quite short or petite

Q2. What is the shape of your shoulders?

(Don’t compare your shoulders to your head, compare them to the rest of your body.)

A) Sharp and angular
B) Beveled and broad
C) Neither very sharp nor very rounded
D) Slender and rounded
E) Wide and rounded

Q3. How long do your arms look?

(This is about the bone structure of your arms, so ignore the shape of the flesh on your upper arms.)

A) Long and slender
B) Long and wide
C) Neither long nor short, evenly proportioned
D) Short and slender
E) Short and wide

Q4. How long do your legs look?

(This is about the bone structure of your legs, so ignore the shape of the flesh on your thighs.)

A) Long and slender
B) Long and wide
C) Neither long nor short, evenly proportioned
D) Short and slender
E) Short and wide

Q5. What best describes the shape of your hands?

A) Long and narrow
B) Long and broad
C) Not noticeably long or short, evenly proportioned
D) Short and narrow
E) Short and wide

Q6. What best describes the shape of your feet?

A) Long and narrow
B) Long and wide
C) Not noticeably long or short, evenly proportioned
D) Small and narrow
E) Small and wide

Q7. What best describes the shape of your torso*?

(This question involves the flesh of the waist, but more importantly it involves the shape of the rib cage, which is why I decided to include it in the bone structure section.)

A) Long and narrow, slightly tapered
B) Long and wide (could be straight or thick depending on weight)
C) Balanced, neither noticeably long nor noticeably short (slightly defined if female)
D) Short and narrow (sharply defined if female)
E) Short and slightly wide (softly defined if female)

Q8. What best describes the shape of your hips*?

(This question involves the flesh of the hips, but more importantly it involves the shape of the hipbones, which is why I decided to include it in the bone structure section.)

A) Long, narrow, and slightly tapered
B) Long and wide (tapering into a V shape if male, or straight if female)
C) Balanced, evenly proportioned with the rest of your body
D) Short and soft (but slightly narrow)
E) Short, soft, and wide

Facial Bones

Q9. What best describes the shape of your jawline?

(Keep in mind the points at the corners of your jawline as well as the shape of your chin.)

A) Sharp and angular
B) Blunt and wide
C) Neither very sharp nor very rounded
D) Rounded and slender
E) Rounded and softly wide

Q10. What best describes the shape of your nose?

(It’s important to look at your nose in both profile and front view, as sometimes aquiline noses can appear slightly rounded at the tip when viewed from the front, even though they’re sharp in profile.)

A) Long and sharp
B) Wide and beveled
C) Neither sharp nor rounded, not very small or wide
D) Narrow and small
E) Rounded, perhaps softly wide

Q11. What best describes the shape of your cheekbones?

(Ignore what the shape of your cheeks are, and look at only the actual bone structure. The shape of the cheeks will be addressed later. If you’re having difficulty seeing the shape, you may need to feel the shape with your fingers.)

A) Prominent and sharp
B) Wide and beveled
C) Neither very sharp or very rounded
D) Narrow and rounded
E) Rounded and wide

Flesh of the Body

Q12. How would you describe your bust, in proportion to the rest of your body?

(This question can be skipped.)

A) Flat and taut
B) Widely spaced, not very prominent
C) Balanced, not noticeably small or large
D) Fairly large and soft
E) Quite prominent

Q13. How would you describe the flesh on your upper arms?

(If you carry a lot of weight on your arms, you may think the only answers that describe your arms are B or E, but look at the shape of the flesh – is it rounded or straight? And remember to consider your flesh in proportion to the rest of your body.)

A) Taut and straight
B) Wide and straight
C) Balanced, not very taut nor very soft
D) Soft and slender
E) Soft and wide

Q14. How would you describe the flesh on your thighs?

(If you carry a lot of weight on your thighs, you may think the only answers that describe your thighs are B or E, but look at the shape of the flesh – is it rounded or straight? And remember to consider your flesh in proportion to the rest of your body.)

A) Taut and straight
B) Wide and straight
C) Balanced, not very taut or very soft
D) Soft and slender
E) Soft and wide

Facial Features

Q15. What best describes the shape of your eyes?

A) Straight, and narrow or close-set
B) Straight, and long or wide-set
C) Not very rounded or straight, not noticeable large or small
D) Slightly rounded or upturned
E) Large and rounded

Q16. What best describes the shape of your lips?

A) Thin and angular
B) Thin and straight
C) Not very full or thin, not very rounded or angular
D Full and slightly angular
E) Full and rounded

Q17. What best describes the flesh on your cheeks?

(Ignore your cheekbones and focus just on the flesh of your face. Smiling can help you determine if your cheeks tend towards angularity or softness.)

A) Taut and flat
B) Wide and muscular
C) Not very soft or tight
D) Soft but slender
E) Soft and wide, creates a rounded shape

Now that you have all of your answers written down, it’s time to move on to the results.

336 thoughts on “Body Type Test (2020 Version)

  1. Hi! Test results for me are a bit confusing, what do you think?
    4A, 1B, 2D, 1E
    Facial bones:
    2E 1A
    1E 2D
    Facial features
    1E 1C 1A


  2. Hi, Rebekah! I’m a little bit confused, so I hope you can help me 🙂

    Bone structure: DDAAAAAA
    Facial bones: CCC
    Flesh of the body: CDD
    Facial features: BCD

    Also, thank you for the test 🙂


  3. Definitely struggled with being definite for many of my answers! I have a long torso, wider shoulders, small hips, waist tapers slightly but is mostly straight, and wider thighs. Delicate facial features and athletic ish body – flamboyant gamine? Thanks for offering explanations in the comments 🙂

    Bone structure:
    3A 3C 1E
    1A 1C 1D
    Body flesh:
    1A 2B
    Facial features:
    2C 1D


  4. Hi!
    Bone Structure: C B A C B B C B
    Facia bones: B D D
    Flesh of the body: A/B A D
    Facial Features: D D D

    Thank you!


  5. Hello, I’m a bit confused. My answers were:

    bone: 6A, 2B
    face: 1A, 1B, 1C
    flesh: 1B, 1D, 1E
    face features: 1A, 2D



  6. Hello!
    I answered
    Bone structure EDAACDDD
    Facial Bones AEC
    Flesh of the body BAD
    Facial features EED
    So overall that’s A4 B1 C2 D6 E4. Would that make me a Theatrical Romantic or a Soft Gamine? Or something else?


  7. hi, rebekah! thank you for posting this test, i’m rather confused about my results. i’m primarily a mixture of d’s and c’s, with a couple e’s mixed in.

    8 d’s, 5 c’s, and 3 e’s – ddccccdddcddeeed

    could you possibly help? have a good day ❤


  8. I had a hard time deciding between quite a few answers. I left the or in for answers where I really wasn’t sure.
    New test
    1A or B 2B 3A 4A
    5 A or C 6 A 7 A or C 8 C
    9 A or C 10A 11A or C
    12D 13C 14C 15A 16C 17D

    Original Test
    bone 1c 2b 3a 4a
    Flesh 5d 6c 7a/c 8b
    Face 10a 11a 12a/c 13a 14c 15a


  9. HI! I got mostly c’s but since I have a quite even amount of b’s and d’s I am not really sure which I am. Would love your help!

    Here is what I got:

    Bone structure: D B C C D D C B

    Facial bones: C B C

    Flesh of the body: B B A

    Facial features: C A/C D

    Thank you!


  10. Hi so I’m really lost 😬

    My results were
    Bone structure of body:
    Facial bones
    2 C
    Flesh of body
    Facial features
    Please help!


  11. Hi I think I might be a theatrical romantic but I’m not sure,
    Bone Struture

    Facial Bones

    Flesh of the body

    Facial Features


  12. I think I am a Romantic body type!

    This has been the most straight forward quiz I’ve seen yet, thank you!

    Body Bone Structure

    D – C – C – C – C – E – E – D

    Face Structure

    D – E – C

    Flesh of Body

    E – E – E

    Facial Features

    C – E – D


  13. Sorry, Rebekah. I previously got everything mixed up. Hope you would consider this and reply me.
    Bone Structure:
    Vertical line: A
    Shoulders: A/B ( I am not quite sure, they look sharp and angular but really broad, definitely not beveled)
    Arms: B
    Legs: B
    Hands: B
    Feet: B
    Torso: B
    Hips: B/C
    Facial bones:
    Jawline: B
    Nose: C
    Cheekbones: A
    Flesh of the body:
    Bust: B
    Upper arms: B
    Thighs: C
    Facial features:
    Eyes: D
    Lips: D
    Cheeks: E.
    Thanks in advance.
    Good work you got here in this blog.

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  14. Hey Rebekah. I’m completely lost. My results were:
    Bone structure: 4A, 3B, 2C
    Facial bones: 3C
    Flesh of body: 1C, 2D
    Facial features: 1C, 2E


  15. Could you please help me interpret my results? Answers bone structure 4B’s, 3A’s, 2 E’s; Facial bones: 1D, 1A, 1B; Flesh of body: 1D, 1B, Flesh of face: 1D, 1C,1B.


  16. Hello Rebekah, I’ve got a mix of letters and numbers and i am confused on what my body type is. I hope you will reply.

    For Bone Structure, I’ve got:
    C – E – B – C – E – B – B – D

    Facial Bones:
    C – B – E

    B- E- C – D – D – E


    1. Hi! This are my answers, I hope can you help me because still confuse 🙂
      Bone structure : B E C C D C B A
      Facial bones: C E D
      Flesh of the body: D D E
      Facial Features: E C D


  17. hi Rebekah! just asking because shoulders are so hard to type, i only realized now how my shoulders are very sloped and rounded. the only thing is that they’re kinda broad, so are my shoulders answer B or E?

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    1. Thanks for asking, Audrey! I’d say that because of that, they’re answer E. When trying to decide between two answers, I always prioritize the overall shape, so since they’re very sloped and rounded, they’re answer E shoulders.


  18. Hi Rebekah, here are the answers I got.

    Bone Structure: BBABECED
    Facial Bones: ECA
    Flesh: EEE
    Facial Features: DCE

    For reference, I’m about 5’7″ and 227 lbs. Could you please tell me what type you think I am?


  19. Hi Rebekah! I’m having a little trouble figuring out my body type. I have taken multiple tests and keep getting Theatrical Romantic, but it seems like my face is not quite as angular as the examples and I don’t think my waist is super defined. I don’t have broad shoulders but they are ‘coat hanger’ looking. I have a very short torso and I have extremely petite hands and feet and skinny arms/legs. Although my thighs and rear are very prominent (I’m part African haha). Looking at my body profile-view I look like I should be an hourglass, but frontal view I’m pretty sure I’d be considered rectangle. Profile I’m extremely curvy, but as far as I can tell on my own, not as much from the front.
    Also, I’m 5′ 4.5″ and 130lb, 34A bust

    Bone structure: B(I was unsure about this first one) CAADDED
    Facial bones: BAD
    Flesh: CDD
    Facial features: EDE

    A – 3
    B – 2
    C – 2
    D – 7
    E – 3

    Thank you in advance!


  20. Hi! (I may have already submitted, but couldn’t find my comment anywhere. Sorry if this is a repeat.)

    I think my bone structure tends to lean more broad but everything over that tends to be pretty soft/fleshy. That sounds like some kind of gamine, but I don’t think I’m that because I don’t look particularly “pixie-ish” or petite for my height (I’m 5’4”.)
    I tend to get comments that my arms/fingers look graceful/delicate even though they’re actually on the fleshier side, and usually people think I’m 1-2 inches taller than I am from pictures (idk if that’s enough to be significant.)
    Can you help me out a bit?

    Bone Structure


    -or C, if 1-2 inches isn’t enough to count



    -might be misjudging where midway down my legs is



    -might be misjudging my “hourglass-ness”; I’m mainly putting this because there’s sort of a defined “shelf” between my waist/hips no matter what weight I am. My waist isn’t too thin, though.




-possibly C. My side profile is a lot stronger, vs. the front which is all roundness.
 All the pictures are from the front, though.
-My nose is wide, pretty small and quite rounded.
 Doesn’t seem to match any of them too well.

    -It was really hard to tell if my cheekbones were broad or rounded, so I went with C.

-Eyes are a bit on the narrow side and quite widely-spaced (moreso than any of the photos provided in the previous version of this test), but not particularly “straight.” Still, I thought B fit best.



    In total: 0A 4B 3C 3D 5E
    Thanks so much for doing this!!


  21. Hello, thank you for everything you’re doing here, am i right if i say that i am dramatic classic? my height 5′ 8″

    1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – a, 5 – a, 6 – a, 7 – c, 8 – b, 9 – c, 10 – c, 11 – c, 12 – b, 13 – c, 14 – c, 15 – c, 16 – e, 17 – c

    Thank you!


  22. Hi Rebekah! I’m not sure whether I am a soft classic or theatrical romantic (or even another type!) but I hope you can help me out. I’m 5’2″ by the way.

    My results are:

    Bone structure: DDABBAEC
    Facial bones: CAD
    Flesh of the body: CDD
    Facial features: DED

    Total: 3A, 2B, 3C, 7D, 2E

    Thank you so much!


  23. Hi! I’m a bit confused on my results:
    bone structure: dcdbcdb
    face bones: cee
    body: cde
    facial features: dde
    I’m about 5’2, but my body proportions make me wonder if I’m more romantic than gamine?


  24. So, I’m a bit confused, I’m not sure whether I’d be soft gamine or a romantic type. I’m about 5’3 – 5’4, I have a thicker figure, and what other body type tests would call an “hourglass” figure: Shoulders and hips are wide (hips are wider, though) and a cinched in waist. My torso and legs are long, usually people say my torso seems longer than my legs, but I took a picture of myself for the test and that doesn’t seem to be the case. My head is small compared to my shoulders, but my shoulders aren’t that broad if compared to my body. I’m pretty soft everywhere except my face, which is angular with pronounced cheekbones and a “pointy” button nose? if that makes sense? My eyes are big but not doe like, they have been described as cat like. I have some soft cheek, but overall my face would be oval or heart shaped, not round.
    These were my test results:
    1. c
    2. e
    3. e
    4. b
    5. e
    6. e
    7. a
    8. b
    9. d
    10. c
    11. a
    12. d
    13. b
    14. e
    15. d
    16. e
    17. d


  25. Hi Rebekah! I’m a bit confused about my results because I have mostly a mixture of Bs and Cs:

    Bone structure: 1C, 2B, 3C, 4D
    Flesh: 5B, 6A, 7C, 8B, 9B
    Facial features: 10B, 11C, 12A, 13B 14C 15B

    So 2As, 7Bs, 5Cs, 1D, and 0Es

    Hope you can help!


  26. Im unsure of my body type. Here are my results:

    Bone Structure: Q1-8
    4As 2Ds 1C 1B

    Facial Bones: Q9-11
    2Ds 1B

    Flesh of the body: Q12-14
    2Cs 1D

    Facial features: Q15-17
    2Es 1C

    Overall: 5Ds, 4As, 4Cs, 2B, 2E


  27. Hi, I’ve been having trouble trying to pinpoint my Kibbe body type.
    My results were: 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 5 C’s, 3 D’s and 4 E’s.


  28. Hi! I’m not really sure about my type, but these are my results:
    Bone structure of body: BCEBEBEB
    Bone structure of face: EEE
    Flesh of body: DEE
    Facial features: BDE


  29. Hi! I’m apparently a romantic but some of my features contradict it and I’m not sure if I fit into the “dainty” aesthetic.

    Bone Structure: E, E, D, D, E, D, C, A
    Facial Bones: E, E, E, E
    Body Flesh, D, D, D,
    Face Features: B, E, E
    Total: 9E 6D 1C 1B 1A

    btw I am 5,1 and 108lbs


  30. Hi Rebekah! This was super helpful! But I am still a bit lost, hoping you can help?

    Body bone structure:
    1-B, 2-C, 3-C, 4-A, 5-C, 6-B, 7-E, 8-D

    Facial Bones:
    9-B, 10-E, 11-E

    Body Flesh:
    12-D, 13-C, 14-B

    Facial Flesh:
    15-E, 16-D, 17-E

    Total: A:1, B:4, C:4, D:3, E:5

    I am 5′ 8″, and somewhat between apple and rectangle body shape? Have always been slightly on the busty side, shoulder-bust-hips seem to be in line visually (not with a tape measure). Waist is verrry slightly defined, tend to put on weight here and the abdomen.

    Would this be a soft classic? Or a soft natural?

    Hugs from India! ❤


  31. oh im sorry, i made a mistake. this is the correct one.
    Vert Line: A
    Shoulders: E
    Arms: A
    Legs: E
    Hands: D
    Feet: A

    Body (Flesh):
    Shape: D
    Flesh: D
    Bust/Upper Torso: D
    Hipline: D
    Waistline: E

    Facial Bones:
    Cheekbones: E
    Jawline: D
    Nose: E

    Facial Features:
    Cheeks: E
    Eyes: D
    Lips: E

    Total: A=3, B=0, C=0, D=7, E=7.


  32. Hey, I’m almost 100% confused.
    Here’s my results:
    Bone structure:
    7a 3e 3b 1d
    Facial features:
    2e 1d
    I’m 5’7.


  33. Hi Rebekah! I am so excited to see how wonderful you are in replying to people! I would love your help. I am 5’3, trim on my top half with a defined waist and then quite curvy on the bottom half, typically a difference of 2 sizes between my top and bottom! So it’s hard to do work it out. I think maybe a soft classic?
    My results are:
    Bone structure c c c e c c d e
    Facial bones c d a
    Flesh b c e
    Facial features c c d

    Thank you!


  34. HI Rebekah! I love your work! 🌹
    Btw, i got
    4E 2E 2C (bone structure)
    1E 1D 1C (facial bones)
    1E 1D 1C (body flesh)
    3D (facial features)

    As you see, i got mostly D answer, but there’s no A or B in it. Would you help me, please! 🙏
    Thanks in advance ❤️


  35. Hi Rebekah, could you help me with my results? I’m 5’5″.

    body bone structure
    C, B, A, A, A, C, B, B
    face bones
    E, C, C
    body flesh
    B, D, E
    facial features
    A, C, D

    Totals: 4A, 4B, 5C, 2D, 2E


  36. Hi Rebekah! I have no idea what type I am. I love this new version of the quiz and it makes so much more sense. Please could you help me? I have this soft gamine hairstyle (above my shoulders, curled and tousled). It suits me so so much! However, I don’t know if SG outfits suit me. TR outfits look overdone and classic styles look flat. I’ve been told I look like Sophia Loren, but I’m 5’2.

    Bone Structure of the Body
    Height: C
    Shoulders: D
    Arms: A
    Legs: A
    Hands: C
    Feet: D
    Waist: E
    Hips: D

    Facial Bones
    Jawline: C
    Nose: A
    Cheekbones: C

    Flesh of the Body
    Bust: E
    Upper arms: D
    Thighs: E

    Facial Features
    Eyes: E
    Lips: E
    Cheeks: E


  37. Hey Rebekah, thanks for dedicating the time to respond to our questions! I’m having trouble deciphering whether I am a romantic, soft classic, or something completely different! I am 5’5″ with a fairly large bust with a short waist, but it looks proportional to my hips. Here’s my results:

    bone structure:

    Facial bones:

    Flesh of the body:

    Facial features:



  38. Hello Rebekah, I hope you are doing well, I got:
    Bone structure: B, D, C, A, B, A, C, C
    Facial bones: C, C, C
    Flesh of the body: C, A, A
    Facial features: A, D, C


  39. Hi Rebekah! I feel very frustrated with this test at this point haha, I have done it 3 times and I always get results that leave me unsatisfied with what I see in the mirror. The mayority of my results have a tendency of mayority of C’s and B’s. That could make me a natural or a classic, the last result was “dramatic classic” which I saw they were more sharp in the shoulders than me, they look more lean and longer than me. I always got compared by other people and I still see myself like this, with two celebs and they are not this types I mentioned. One of them is P!nk ( the singer ), except she looks like she works out alot and I don’t. And Kelly Osbourne when she was vegan.
    My last results are:
    A= 2 points.
    B= 4 points.
    C= 5 points.
    D= 2 points.
    E= 3 points.
    How I see My body shape and facts:
    I’m 5.4″
    Look normal for my height, not long or petite either.
    My breasts are small 34a, a tiny bit of waist, a little bit of hips, and and average/ small butt. Not curvy like Beyoncé but not boxy either. But if you ask me if I see myself more in the ying or the yang, I say yang a little bit more.


  40. Hi Rebekah,

    I took the test and here are my results:

    Bone structure: ACDDCDCC
    Facial bones: DCD
    Body flesh: ADD
    Facial Features: BAA

    My bone structure is mostly moderate with slightly shorter upper arms and legs, more fleshy/wide at the bottom. I’m 170 cm but look taller (very long vertical line). My face though is very small and narrow, no prominent bones/jawline with taut flesh and widely spaced eyes – but not rounded at all. I’m still confused, maybe you can help me 🙂


  41. Hi Rebekah!
    Thank you so much for this guide!
    I was a little confused about how to classify myself because I got mostly D’s and E’s but they’re almost equal.
    Bone Structure:
    3E, 4D
    Facial Bones:
    Flesh of the body:
    Facial Features:
    1D, 1C, and 1E
    I have the features of a romantic type (I believe), but I’m an almost equal balance of both. I’m not as shapely as a true romantic, but I don’t have as many prominent features as a theatrical romantic would have. Could you help me figure it out?


  42. Hi Rebekah,
    I just discovered this test thanks to the amazing Tiffany Ferg, that I follow on YouTube, I always have the feeling that my clothes don’t suit my overall body shape and I wanted to change that, I loved taking the test (and browsing the blog) but I’m so confused! I need help please!
    What I am?
    Bone Structure: 5B 1A 2C
    Facial Bones: 1B 2E
    Flesh of the body: 3C
    Facial features: 2E 1C
    I’m 1,70cm (5’7) tall, for 62Kg, a bit short waisted with very long legs, (High Waisted pants look fabulous on me) I don’t gain fat or muscle easily nor do I lose it easily, but I do look naturaly a bit muscular.
    I have an oval face with some angular, square lines in the jaw, round nose and big almond eyes, meaty cheeks but I still look slender in the face.


      1. Hi Rebekah!
        I love your blog it makes it sooo much easier to answer all the questions with your hints!
        Based on my results I think I’m a dramatic classic but I’m not totally sure. I’m 5’11” and a muscular 145lb
        Here are my results:

        Bone structure: CCCAACAB
        Facial Bones: DBC
        Flesh: CAA
        Facial Features: BDD

        Thank you so much for your help!


  43. Hi Rebekah! Thank you so much for such a detailed test and analysis! It’s a lot of work!
    Could you please help me determine my type better as I’m rather confused? By the results I’ve got:

    Bone structure: BCABBBBB = 6B 1A 1C so N
    Face structure: BAA = 2A 1B so D
    Body flesh: BBB = 3B so N
    Facial features: CCB = 2C 1B so DC

    Overall I look better in more fitter to the silhouette, elongated but not strict or too angular clothing than full loose, oversize shapes of FN, yet the simple count suggests that I might be FN hence the confusion. Also maybe I couldn’t interpret the questions correctly as English is not my first language so I’ve uploaded some pictures to give an idea:

    Hoping for your help!


  44. Thanks for this! I’m kinda confused, I got a mixed bunch of answers which would suggest theatrical gamine but I’m not sure, none of the clothing suggestions seem to suit me. I have always been told I look taller than i am (5″5) and my shoulders are very wide (compared to my narrow hips at least) and fairly sharp, though a little sloped. I don’t gain weight above my waist (though i have a broad ribcage for my size, my ribs are pretty visible and im a 34A), nor below my thighs, and my lower legs are skinny. but I defiantly put weight on at my lower stomach and my hips and thighs, although because i am very short waisted and have high, narrow, boxy hips the roundness is not obvious from the front, only when i turn slightly to the side does my waist go from looking rather straight to very defined. I also always seem to have chubby cheeks despite being 115 pounds which makes my face look more rounded than its bones are, though my cheekbones are very very high and horizontally wide, so my widest point of my face is parallel with my eyes, and it tapers down to a pointed chin but slightly chubby cheeks. My arms are extremely long (my wingspan is 5’10!) and legs are fairly long too, my ribcage literally sits on my hips with no space for a very defined waist.

    I got…
    Skeleton: B, B, A, A, A, D, E, A
    Facial bones: E, E, B
    Body flesh: B, A, B (put b for my thicker thighs because from the front I don’t look too curvy on account of my narrow hips, though if i turn even slightly they look very rounded so thigh flesh could also be E?)
    Facial features: E,D,E
    As you can see, body is more yang and face more yin,
    Thanks so much for doing what you do xxx


    1. Thanks for commenting with your results! Based on your answers and your description of yourself, you seem to be a flamboyant gamine, but since you said gamine lines don’t suit you, then I suggest also taking a look at flamboyant natural lines.

      Here are the links to my FG and FN Pinterest boards:


  45. Bone structure
    D (short torso but it is softly defined- I am a female, it’s not really wide)

    Facial bones
    Mixture of a and b (but more b but more sharpness added to the wideness)
    E (Kate Winslet nose)

    Flesh of the body
    A (looks like Taylor swift’s legs right now with her weight gain)
    C and E (large eyes but it’s not very rounded. There is a bit of sharpness added bc they are hooded)

    Thank you! I used to think I was a soft dramatic but now I feel like my type has changed a bit. I’m 5’3+ (I’m still growing bc I’m a teen)


  46. Hi Rebekah! ( I had already submitted my results but I guess I lost them. I’m sorry if this happens to be a repeat.)

    Could you please help me figure out my body type? My results are:

    Bone structure:

    Facial bones :

    Flesh of the body:

    Facial features:

    I’m pretty skinny. I’m 5.4 but I look quiet taller than I actually am.
    Thank you so much!! I’d really appreciate your help!!


  47. Hi! Thank u for this test ✨
    Could you please help me ?
    I’m 5’1 (154 cm) I look trim and I gain weight with difficulty but when I do it’s in my hip and inner legs ( my hip it’s round but look straight with jeans ) all my body look delicate hourglass I would say I look cute but sexy at the same time
    Body measurements: shoulders 35.8 inches, bust 32 inches, waist 25 inches and hips 35.4 inches idk if this help Hahaha and 100 pounds (45kg)
    My test answers:
    Bone estructure: 2C 4D 1E 1B
    Facial Bones:1C 2D
    Flesh Body:2D 1B
    Facial Features: 1D 1C 1E
    Total: 9D 4C 2E 2B


  48. Hi Rebekah! Here are my answers to your quiz. I’m so excited to see what your answer is. Below my quiz answers I also added some celebrity references for body type, bc some of the descriptions for answer choices I struggled to choose between.

    Bone structure

    Facial bones


    Celebrities with the most similar bone structure/flesh types to me would include Britney Spears and Emilia Clarke (in GOT era).

    My face is very round, with my cheekbones deeply hidden under a thick layer of cheekfat, so I was able to answer the facial structure questions very definitely and without hesitation 😄


  49. Hi Rebekah!
    I have read a lot of kibbe resources and I am very confused about my type. I have body of a pure dramatic type, I have very straight boyish figure, no curves at all, flat bustline etc. I am very tall and narrow and look even more tall (173cm). I am identyfing the most with gamine type or maybe flamboyant gamine, but according to Kibbe’s descriptions I am too tall for gamine type. But I loo somewhat childish in my face, I have big eyes, runed lips, full cheeks and round jawline. Nose rather blended. High prominent cheekbones. I am confused mostly about my height which identify me like pure dramatic type. Soft dramatic can look like for me but its type clothes make me feel very uncomfortable, I have no curves to fill them. Can it be possible to be gamine type with that height? Kibbe doesn’t allow tall girls to be gamine… I don’t identify with any other types. Can you share with me your opinion?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for asking!

      I know that height is a very divisive factor in the Kibbe community, with Kibbe himself writing in his book that certain body types can only be possible based on certain heights (like with gamines), but I disagree with him. For example, Taylor Swift is often said to be a dramatic, because she’s very tall and has very long and lean bones in her body, but her face seems to be quite mixed, and I find that she looks much better in gamine lines than she does in dramatic lines.

      Here are some examples of Taylor in dramatic lines:;0.0357xw,0.0429xh&resize=480:*

      To me, they both look kind of separate from her. The dramatic makeup and dress in the first picture look good, but they don’t really match her. Same thing with the blazer in the second picture. It looks good, but it looks so stiff and boxy on her, which it shouldn’t if she’s a dramatic.

      Now here are some pictures of Taylor wearing gamine lines:

      In the first picture she’s wearing a very fitted cardigan, her hair has straight bangs but is wavy at the bottom (mixture of shapes), and her dress has a very busy pattern on it, but it all looks really cohesive on her, as it would on other gamines.

      In the second picture, the case is the same. She’s wearing a very gamine-ish outfit, and it all looks cohesive on her.


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