What Would You Like to See on my Blog?

Unfortunately I don’t have anything prepared for today, as I was feeling under the weather for awhile last week. Nothing too bad, I just was feeling unusually tired and had a stuffed up nose for a bit.

But now that I’m feeling better I’m eager to get some writing done, so I was wondering which of these post ideas I should prioritize?

  • Fashion Lessons that I Learnt from Unexpected Places
  • Haircuts for the Body Types (separated by short, medium, and long cuts)
  • Little Black Dress for the Body Types
  • Overview of the Body Types (an updated version of my previous Overview of the Body Types post)
  • How to Wear 2020 Fashion Trends Based on Your Body Type

And if you have any post ideas, do let me know! 🙂

16 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See on my Blog?

  1. The first and the last sound good! I know you’ve uploaded a couple of recipes, and I’d love to see more! I think lock down has us all finding our inner Julia Child

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    1. Thanks, May! I currently have a muffin recipe in the works, which I will definitely be sharing once I have the ingredient ratios perfected. 😀 They’re made using protein powder instead of flour, so they make for a great post-workout snack.


  2. Haircuts (I have an awful one right now that I have to grow out, sigh) and Little Black Dresses.

    Also… how do you decide between FN and SN? I’m stuck between them, since there are certain things about each that are like my body. (Broad shoulders, super long arms, short muscular legs, softness even at my skinniest, but bony in other places. Aka, weird.)

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    1. Thanks, Charity! 😀

      For me, deciding between FN and SN is about the overall vibe. I find that FNs have a bit more of a structural look to them, so they can pull off dramatic lines fairly well. SNs have a softer look to them, so they can pull off romantic lines fairly well. When you’re stuck between the soft or structured version of any type, I find the best test to see which one you are is to wear an all romantic look and an all dramatic look. While neither will look perfect on you, one will probably look better, unless you have a balance between the two (in which case you might be pure natural).

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      1. Thanks. I took your advice and tried on a D outfit (I didn’t have anything super R in my closet, since it looks bad on me). I think FN is right. My bones are just too long for SN. So thanks for the advice. 🙂

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  3. All of these blog options sound amazing. I love the idea of applying kibbe to 2020 trends because normally these topics are kept seperate. I love all body types content but also fashion lessons from your perspective would be super useful. Thanks for the great posts.

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      1. Could we get a lingerie for the body types? Also just curious on seeing more alt styles for the body types like (e-girl/goth/cottage core). Another big one that I personally struggle with would be how can Soft Gamine be sexy and more womanly as opposed to solely being seen as “cute”. I love your posts and hope you are doing well 💜

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      2. Yeah, I love alt styles so I’m definitely planning on making some posts about them! And yeah, I struggle with the cute thing too as a soft gamine, but I think I’ve found some tricks that work, so I’d love to make a post on that. ❤

        I hope you're doing well too!


  4. Could we get a Lingerie for the body types post? And like maybe e-girl styles for the body types and just how soft gamine can be more sexy instead of “cute” only? I love your posts so much.

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