5 Fashion Lessons I Learned from Unexpected Places

I know I talk a lot about fashion on my blog, so I thought it’d be interesting to go over some fashion lessons that I learned from unexpected places! Some of these are lessons that I’ve learned quite recently, others I learned awhile ago. So let’s get into it!

1. Bright Colors Can be Fun

(Especially when paired with other bright colors)

– Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing: City Folk (the Animal Crossing game that I currently have) there are lots and lots of fun, bright colors! And to be honest, I was never much of a color person, so Animal Crossing has helped me learn to love bright and fun colors.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with adding at least one colorful item to most of my outfits. I also wore a monochromatic red look the other week, which I had a lot of fun with.

2. You Don’t Always Have to go with the Practical Option

(There are times where you can go with the stylish one instead)

– The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is an RPG video game with lots of different armor options, but I tend to stick with a handful of armor sets that I receive in the game, because I love the aesthetics of them. Because Skyrim isn’t a very difficult game to play, I can get away with not wearing the armor with the best stats or boosts for my character in most scenarios.

Likewise, there are times in real life where I can where the more stylish but less practical stuff. For example, when I’m staying home I can wear outfits that could be too cold for outside because I know I have lots of blankets and sweaters in my house.

And if I know I’m not going to have to do a lot of walking around, I can wear shoes that are more for looks than for being perfect to move around in.

3. It’s great to customize your stuff

(Especially when it makes a simple item into a unique one)

– My childhood self

When I was a kid I used to spend so much time customizing my school supplies. I would decorate my pencil cases with stickers, make custom covers for my binders, add doodles to notebooks, etc. But as I got older, I began to stop customizing my things, apart from occasionally painting a pencil holder or plant pot or something along those lines.

However, because of social-distancing boredom I’ve started to gain an interest in customizing my stuff again! Specifically my clothes. I’ve embroidered a sew-on patch for a sweatshirt that I cropped, and I have plans to embroider a pair of shoes and to alter a pair of pants that are too large for me.

If quarantine has you bored as well, then I suggest you learn how to customize your clothes somehow. It’s really fun, and it makes your style more unique!

4. It’s great to have 1 thing which can be used in multiple ways

(Or in the case of clothing, have 1 thing that can be styled multiple ways)

– Swiss Army Knife

In case you’ve never used one, a Swiss Army Knife is a handy little pocket knife that also has a bunch of other tools in it, such as a screwdriver, mini scissors, a flashlight, and a corkscrew. So basically, it’s one little thing that can be used in a bunch of different ways.

And I think it’s great to have clothing items that can be the same!

My favorite example of this is my white button-up shirt. I can wear it as a dress shirt, layer it over a dress, layer it over a camisole or t-shirt, layer sweaters over it, cuff the sleeves, and tuck it into pants in different ways.

5. Just Go for It

(Even if it probably won’t work)

– Dancing

Lately I have been learning how to dance (by copying choreography videos, so I’m not exactly good at it), and one of the things I’ve learned doing this is that it’s better to just go for it, even when you think you’ll mess up. If you cut off your moves and hold yourself back then you won’t learn as much, and by just going for it you have a lot more fun.

Making outfit combos is the same way! When you’re not sure if an outfit will work, you should just go for it anyways. You might surprise yourself! Some of my most experimental outfits have been the most complimented ones.

What are some fashion lessons that you’ve learned? I’d love to hear them, so leave me a comment.

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