Short Haircuts for the Body Types

Last year I made a post about haircuts for the body types, but I feel as if I see things differently now, so I wanted to create a post specifically dedicated to short haircuts, one dedicated to medium length haircuts, and one dedicated to long haircuts.

Here’s how I’m defining the lengths of haircuts, for the purpose of these posts:

  • Short hair – up to jaw length
  • Medium length hair – below to jaw to mid-chest
  • Long hair – below mid-chest

I will also give some styling tips along with the haircuts that I think are flattering for the body types, so let’s get started.

Disclaimer: I’m not super familiar with haircuts and styles, and I’m also leaning away from what Kibbe wrote about hair in his book Metamorphosis. Because of this the next posts are going to take awhile for me to do, because I want to take more time to do research, and I also want to take more time to find hairstyles for different textures of hair as unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a lot of diversity while looking at short haircuts.


To match the softness and roundness that members of the romantic family have, go with a haircut with a soft outline. Use layering to create a slightly wispy effect.

Styling tip: Short hair will look especially flattering if it has a wave or curl.


To show off the angularity that members of the dramatic family have it’s best for hair to be off the face. A sleek and blunt cut works well, and a little bit of layering or softening can be done to match any softness in the body or face.

Styling tip: An asymmetric style will show off the geometric bone structure nicely.


For members of the classic family, it’s best if the outline of the hair is smooth and well groomed (if you have heavily textured hair make sure to keep it nicely moisturized to prevent frizzing).

Styling tip: If you have a bit of softness to your body you can add some slight layering to match that.


For members of the natural family, it’s best if short hair has some layering and is kept loose. A bit layering to create a feathery effect can also look flattering.

Styling tip: You can do a bit of finger-teasing to the hair to give it a more tousled and free look, which will be quite nice on naturals.


Out of all the body types, members of the gamine family have a tendency to be able to pull off short hair the most easily. They look great with cropped and slightly tousled hair, but it’s also great if the hair has a bit layering or a fade.

Styling tip: Bangs also tend to look great on members of the gamine family, as do asymmetrical styles.

Sometime in the future I’ll have a post on medium length haircuts for the body types, so if you found this post interesting be sure to stay tuned for that one.

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