What I’ve been watching while self-isolating

I have spent so much of the past 3 months inside. Well, not always inside, sometimes I go into the yard or go for a walk down the street, but I’ve barely gone into public since the pandemic was declared back in March.

Despite my lifestyle not changing much, I have to admit that it’s been a bit difficult for me to find the creativity and the motivation needed for blogging, so I’ve been focusing on doing consults and doing self-exploration this June.

A lot of this self-exploration has been helped along by watching different YouTube videos, so here are some of the best videos I’ve watched lately:


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the concept of customizing your look and style to suit your body, but as someone who has barely experimented with makeup before, these two videos by Snitchery on YouTube have been so informative.

I’ve been really interested in creating a signature makeup look for myself, and these two videos have really helped me with this, especially the lip video. Because of it I’m now experimenting with a quite sharp, vintage inspired red lip which highlights my pointy cupid’s bow.

If you have yet to come up with a signature style for your makeup look, or if you’re just interested in experimenting with your appearance and trying something new, then I highly recommend these videos.

Fashion & Beauty

You may be wondering why some of these videos have “life changing” in the title. It’s because they are.

Alexandra’s videos are well thought out, and incredibly informative, and she’s a huge inspiration to me when it comes to style, confidence, and beauty.

I’ve been having some difficulties narrowing in on a style that makes me feel as beautiful on the outside as I do on the inside, but her videos have been a huge help!

If you’re feeling a bit lost in the world of fashion, need to find some inspiration, or just want to learn something new, then I highly suggest giving her videos a watch.

Glowing Up

Who doesn’t love a good glow up? I know I do, and glowing up is a constant interest of mine, so these are two really good videos on glowing up, by Alivia D’Andrea and Lavendaire.

I’m actually planning on writing a post about glow ups soon, so these videos served both as research and as inspiration for my own life.

If you’ve never heard of a glow up before, then let me fill you in. A glow up is like a makeover, but it’s long-term and it’s just as much for the appearance as it is for the soul. The post that I’ll be writing will be glow ups vs makeovers because I feel like the terms are often confused.

If you’re interested in glow ups in general, Alivia has a great series called The Glow Up Diaries, I highly recommend checking them out.

Have you been watching anything interesting recently? If so, do share!

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching while self-isolating

  1. All fashion adivce on how to look expensive/put together/sexy/generally good ever: Monochromatic is your friend!

    My bright winder ass: haha nope.

    Nah but in all seriousness, this is a great list! I’ll be sure to check all these videos throughout the week, they sound all very useful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m in the same boat with monochromatic looks, so when I do monochromatic looks I actually go with different shades of the same color (for example light grey + dark grey). Same overall effect of looking put together, but with the added bonus of having enough contrast to match with the contrast in my body. 😀


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