My Recent Style Experiments

It has been almost 4 months since the pandemic was declared, and in those 4 months I’ve had an interesting style ride. At first as I was just wearing the same basic outfits on repeat, pretty much just cycling through 4 or 5 different combos, but then I realized that this is a good time for me to experiment with my style.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been coming up with new outfit combinations, makeup looks, and hair looks as well, as I try to settle into a strong personal style.

Here are some of my experiments, so that I can show the world what I’m up to in my personal time, and potentially get some feedback or encouragement.

Monochromatic Red Look

A color that I’ve recently realized that I love is a nice, bright red. Normally I tend to wear quite muted or neutral colors, but when it comes to going bright I only like doing it with the color red.

Layered Summery Look

When I was younger I used to layer up pieces a lot, but I hadn’t been doing that as much lately (apart from the standard sweater over shirt), so I decided to start playing around with layering things again. One such experiment was layering a tank top over a t-shirt, and I think the end result was quite cute and cheerful looking.

First Date Look

Here’s a look a went with for my first (virtual) date. I wanted to pair up two pieces that I commonly wear, but had never worn together, which is how I ended up with this look! Once the weather gets cooler in the fall I’ll probably wear this outfit again.

Red Cloak Outfit

One of my close friends sent me this gorgeous red cloak, and by a lucky coincidence it happened to match the dress that I was already wearing, so I had to take a picture of that outfit! I really think that cloaks should come back into style, maybe in the fall and winter?

Silk Scarf as a Top

This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve come up with recently, and it’s also one of the more ‘out there’ ones for me. I used to not show much skin because I was self conscious about the way that I look, but this year I’m feeling a lot more confident about my appearance, so I decided to go for this fun, summery outfit.

Black & White Outfit

Even though I have a tendency to wear a lot of neutrals, I don’t often play with black and white color combos, or with adding fun details or patterns to neutral outfits, so this outfit was an experiment with that.

Birthday Outfit

I recently celebrated my birthday, so I dressed up very cute on that day! The scarf that I wore in my hair is the same scarf that I wore as a top in one of the previous outfits.

Dark Lace Look

For the first time in quite a long time, I ended up painting my nails. I went with a deep red shade, which inspired me to put together a darker outfit, which is how I came up with this. Lately I’ve been enjoying layering lace bralettes with sheer tops, as it’s a nice way to stay cool but still look cute.

So, what do you guys think? What was your favorite outfit of all of them? Please leave me a comment, I’d love to know.

6 thoughts on “My Recent Style Experiments

  1. Omg you look so cute!!!! I especially love the silk scarf top (definitely gonna try it when i come into a possession of a nice scarf), your birthday outfit (!!!), and your first date outfit (!!!!!!!!!)

    (Okay, I was gonna list all the other ones I liked, but then I realized i’d be listing every one, lol.) You look fantastic in all your photos!! I’m glad the pandemic has given you an opportunity to experiment. I’m dipping my toes into that now. (Especially since I know my body type now, thanks to you.)

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  2. Oh wow that summer layered look and the birthday one are so pretty! The black and white one looks very modern Audrey Hepburn and the scarf shirt is so 50s beach day! You’ve really come up with some awesome looks.
    I haven’t done much style experimenting during quarantine, unless wearing mix matched pajamas counts?

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  3. You look adorable in all the outfits! My two favorites are the Silk Scarf and Black & White. Thanks for posting this. You have inspired me to experiment, as well.

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