Just a Small Update

I have had practically no motivation to write for the past few weeks, so I’m just making this small update post for this week. Don’t worry, I’m still doing blogging, and consults, and responding to comments. 🙂

My mental health over the summer hasn’t been the best. I’m working through many, many bottled up feelings, but for once I’m actually letting things go instead of bottling them back up, so I feel like I’m going to come out of this summer as a better, healthier person, which is good.

In the meantime, as a way to cope with my feelings, I’ve been slowly (very slowly actually) working on refining my own personal style, as well as slowly changing the look of my room a bit, to make it feel more clean, tidy, and also just a nicer place to hangout. Over the course of the summer my room has been feeling more and more cluttered and messy, so I want things to be nice for the fall and winter.

I’ve also been planning some DIY projects, as well as working on growing a new plant from a seedling that one of my closest friends gave to me. Progress on it has been slow, and I’m still thinking of a name for it, as I like to give my plants names (my pothos plant is named Augustine).

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately on my career goals and aspirations, such as the direction I want to take my blog in, but it’s been difficult for me. While I tend to be a person with very strongly defined goals, I sometimes go through phases where I suddenly feel very unsure, and this summer has turned into one of those phases, so I’ve been spending some time ruminating over what my goals are.

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on my blog, please let me know, even if they aren’t body type related. It’s important for me to understand what you guys want.

I hope you’re all having pleasant summers. I’ll see you guys next week with the second part of my How to Develop and Refine Your Personal Style post!

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