Cottagecore Inspiration for the Body Types

I really love the cottagecore aesthetic, and it’s an aesthetic that will always hold a special place in my heart. I lived on a farm for a few years when I was a little girl, so the cottagecore aesthetic reminds me of my childhood and a sense of youth and positivity.

I had considered doing a cottagecore for the body types post for awhile, so after it had been requested of me I just knew I had to make one.

So here it is! Cottagecore inspiration for the body types!

If you’re looking for information for a specific family of body types, you can use this list to jump straight to it:


The members of the romantic family are made up of soft, short, and rounded lines, with some possible added angularity for theatrical romantics. If you’re in the romantic family it’ll probably be easy for you to find cottagecore inspiration, as a lot of the typical clothes for the cottagecore style line up with romantic line recommendations.

When accessorizing, you may want to look for items such as these:

  • sunhats with a rounded brim, but not too oversized or floppy
  • light silk scarf to tie around your neck or over your hair


This dress serves as good inspiration for any romantic’s cottagecore closet for a few reasons:

  • The material is light and flowing. This dress is made out of chambray, which is a great fabric for romantics to wear.
  • It has some ruffles and small pleats. Ruffles and small pleats are both great details for romantics to wear, and this dress has both! There are ruffles on the sleeves, and delicate pleating under the bust.
  • It has slight waist emphasis. Because of the empire waistline, you will get a bit of waist emphasis with this dress. Depending on how sharply defined your waist is, you may want to add some more using a belt or scarf tied around your waist.

Theatrical Romantic

This dress can serve as style inspiration for a theatrical romantic’s cottagecore closet for these reasons:

  • The material is light and airy. This dress is made out of chiffon, which is a lightweight material, perfect for warm weather.
  • There’s a lot of waist emphasis. Because of the construction of this dress, you’re going to get a decent amount of waist emphasis.
  • Added sharpness with a sweetheart neckline. Theatrical romantics can look good with some added sharpness, which this sweetheart neckline provides.
  • Delicate and soft details. Lastly, this dress has a dainty floral print and some small ruffles, which are great details to have on theatrical romantic clothing.


The dramatics are made up of long, straight, and angular lines, with soft dramatics having a bit of added softness to their bodies. If you’re in the dramatic family, you may find it more difficult to get cottagecore inspiration that matches up with the line recommendations for your body type, but there are some cottagecore outfits for you!

When accessorizing, you may want to look for items such as these:

  • Stiff sunhats
  • A long apron or scarf, to extend the vertical line of your outfit


I think that this dress would be a lovely cottagecore option for a dramatic for these reasons:

  • The dress is long. This dress has a pretty long skirt length, and it’s all in one color, so it’ll match a long vertical line.
  • It has sharp angles to it. Something to look for when you’re shopping for clothing is sharp angles in the silhouette, which this deep v-neck creates.
  • The fabric is slightly stiff. Despite it being made from an airy material, the fabric for this dress looks like it holds a shape well, so it would make for a nice summer dress.

Soft Dramatic

i want to be reincarnated as a milkmaid

This may seem like an interesting choice for soft dramatics, so let me explain why I think this is good cottagecore inspiration:

  • Oversized details. The oversized puff of the sleeves and the large flower embroidery are a couple of great details if you’re looking for cottagecore inspiration as a soft dramatic.
  • Stiff fabric. The fabric of this shirt looks like it holds it’s shape really well, and it works great with the silhouette of the sleeves.
  • Potential for long vertical line. Depending on how you style this shirt, you could end up with an outfit with a pretty long vertical line. A white skirt would achieve that, as would layering a long dress over the shirt.


The classics are made up of blended lines, neither very long nor very short, neither very soft nor very structured, and as such, they look best in clothing that is simple, symmetrical, and has a moderate fit. Some cottagecore looks may feel a bit too fussy on you if you’re a classic, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for clothing pieces and accessories.

Some accessory ideas for you are:

  • A straw bag or wicker basket of moderate size
  • A scarf to tie in your hair, to avoid it getting too messy from windy days


Image discovered by 🌻sunflower🌻. Find images and videos about girl, fashion and cute on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

This outfit can serve as some inspiration for your cottagecore closet if you’re a classic for these reasons:

  • Moderate fit. The shirt has a moderate fit to it, neither very tight and clingy, nor very loose. It might look even better on a classic if it isn’t tied up but instead left loose or tucked into the pants.
  • Low contrast or matching details. The buttons on the shirt are quite low contrast, and the greens and yellows of the flower embroidery match nicely with the corduroy pants.
  • Symmetry. The collar is a symmetrical one, and the embroidery has a very symmetrical balance to it as well. It’s on both sides of the shirt, but it doesn’t cover the whole shirt, so it won’t feel overwhelming.

Soft Classic

1940s Style Dresses and Clothing Cupcake Consultant Velvet Jumper in Emerald $79.99 AT

This look could be a nice bit of inspiration for some autumnal soft classic cottagecore looks. Here’s how:

  • Waist emphasis. Because of the apron-like look of the green pinafore dress, it creates a lot of waist emphasis, which is great for soft classics.
  • Moderate fit. The fit of the shirt and the dress is fairly moderate, not super tight and clingy, nor very loose and baggy.
  • Minimal and symmetrical details. The print of the shirt is fairly minimal, and it has repeating pattern, so it’s balanced and symmetrical. The pinafore and shirt are pretty minimal overall.

Dramatic Classic

I think that this whole outfit can serve as great inspiration for a dramatic classic who likes the cottagecore aesthetic. Here’s why:

  • Smooth outline. Everything about this outfit is simple and smooth, the outline of the dress, her hairstyle, the shape of the hat.
  • Slightly stiff fabric. The fabric of the dress and blouse is crisp, it looks like it holds its shape well.
  • Simple details. Overall, the details of this outfit are quite simple and minimal. The large bow, in the same color as the dress. The matching band of color on the hat. Simple, but beautiful.


The natural body type is made up of wider lines and beveled angles, especially in the bone structure, and there can be some added softness and roundness for soft naturals, and some added length and angularity for flamboyant naturals. Because of the often relaxed fit of cottagecore outfits, it can be pretty easy to find some inspiration for members of the natural family!

Here are some accessory ideas:

  • A satchel with a long shoulder strap, to add a draped element
  • A large (floppy) sunhat


I think these dresses can serve as some natural cottagecore inspiration, for a number of reasons:

  • Relaxed fit. The fit of these dresses is pretty relaxed, even with the slight waist emphasis. The shirts underneath are also pretty loose, which adds to this silhouette.
  • Light material. The material and these dresses and shirts are made out of look pretty light and airy, without being super soft and delicate. It has a good balance, one that I think would work well for naturals.
  • Checkered pattern. The checker/gingham pattern of these dresses aren’t too small and dainty, so I think that they’d look perfect on a natural.

Soft Natural

This outfit is super cute, and I think it could provide some great cottagecore inspiration for soft naturals! Here’s why:

  • Soft, draping materials. Both the sweater and the skirt in this outfit have pretty soft fabrics, which drape a lot.
  • Relaxed silhouette. Because of the looser fit of both the sweater and the skirt, the overall silhouette of the outfit is pretty relaxed, but still has some added waist emphasis, perfect for soft naturals.
  • Delicate details. This outfit also have some delicate detailing, from the gentle pleats of the skirt and the small floral pattern on it.

Flamboyant Natural

This outfit, while not as flowery as some of the others, could still serve as some good cottagecore inspiration, especially for flamboyant naturals! Here’s my reasoning behind this:

  • Loose silhouette. Overall, this outfit has a pretty loose silhouette, from the relaxed fit of the shirt and the flared cut of the pants.
  • Easy for layering. While this outfit doesn’t have a lot of length to it, because of the simplicity of the outfit, it’d be really easy to add on an oversized waterfall cardigan, or drape a long scarf, especially as we head into fall in the northern hemisphere.
  • Relaxed material. The fabric of both the pants and the shirt looks pretty relaxed, without being overly soft. It still holds its shape pretty well, so it’d work well for flamboyant naturals.


The gamine family of body type is characterized by having a mixture of different lines across all their features, so having a similar amount of mix and match in the clothes is really great!

Here are some accessory ideas:

  • A small sunhat
  • Corsage pinned onto a dress or shirt


I think this outfit is really lovely and could serve as some autumn cottagecore inspiration for gamines for these reasons:

  • Color blocks. This outfit has a ton of color blocks, which I love! Starting from the bottom and going up, there’s the brown color block from the heels and tights, next is the skirt, then the dark green cardigan, and lastly the shirt. It really helps break up the lines of the outfit, which is great for gamines!
  • Shorter lines. Something that really stands out to me about this outfit is the short lines of the cardigan and heels. The cardigan stops at about the natural waistline, which is a fairly short length and great for gamines. The shoe structure of the heels are also pretty short, they look like they hit at about ankle length rather than turning into a boot.
  • Mixed patterns. Lastly, I love the mixture of patterns. The skirt has a bit of checkered pattern, and because of the knit of the cardigan, in the right lighting it creates a striped look.

Soft Gamine

As a soft gamine, I would definitely wear this if I was going for a dainty cottagecore look (and if this dress was solid black or red I’d wear it all the time), and here’s why:

  • High neckline. Because of the added detail at the neckline, it creates a kind of mockneck silhouette, which I think looks great on soft gamines.
  • Delicate details. This dress also has some delicate detailing, such as the small ruffles, floral and dot pattern, and the small bow that’s tied at the neckline.
  • Light fabric. The fabric of this dress is really light and soft, as well as sheer, so it’d look great on a soft gamine.

Flamboyant Gamine

Kawaiiface – A Curious Fancy

This outfit is another one that I think would be great for more autumn themed cottagecore looks. And here’s why I think it’d be great for flamboyant gamines:

  • Color blocks. This outfit has quite a few color blocks, and they were very strategically made. Firs there are the darker tights, then the lighter orange color of the dress. Next up is the dark green sweater, but then the collar of the dress is pulled up over the sweater, which creates another color block! If you look closely, you can also see the sleeves of the dress poking out from underneath the pullover.
  • Square-ish silhouette. Because of the shape of the pullover, and the way the skirt sits, the overall silhouette of the outfit is that of a short square or rectangle, which works great for flamboyant gamines.
  • Mix of shapes. Within the outfit there’s also a general mixing of shapes. The round collar and the rectangular pleats of the skirt. The rectangular shapes created by the cabling in the sweater, the rounded shape of the shoes. Lots of mixture!

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12 thoughts on “Cottagecore Inspiration for the Body Types

  1. Ooohh I love this! Cottagecore is one of my favourite aesthetics and all the outfits you chose are so cute, plus you explained everything really well. I’d love to see one like this for Dark Academia!

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  2. Thank you Rebekah for writing inspiration posts!
    I like them the most.
    Do you have suggestions for TR’s that do not involve frills, dots or tiny all over details?
    I really struggle in finding TR friendly outfits that do not involve these, without them looking all the same.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Chris! I’m glad you like the inspiration posts, I have fun writing them. ❤

      And yeah, I have a TR Pinterest board that has some outfits without those details:

      For TR friendly outfits that don't have a lot of those details, it's important to focus on the silhouette and the fabric of your clothing. Softer fabrics are great, and remember to have waist emphasis. If you want to add a bit of sharpness to your outfits, I think the best way for a TR to do that is with the necklines of their tops! I think it looks really cool when a theatrical romantic wears a square neck or v-neck, but has all the other TR silhouette and fabric elements present in the outfit, so that can be a way to switch things up.

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