Disney Princesses as Teuta Matoshi Dresses

Teuta Matoshi is my favorite designer, and since I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks, I decided to find a Teuta Matoshi dress for each Disney Princess, as a way to cheer myself up.

I’ll be basing it off of this lineup of the princesses, which means 12 princesses in total (as neither Anna nor Elsa are featured in the lineup).


Finding a dress for Moana was tricky, but I decided to go with this dress because of the lovely red color, that reminded me of Moana’s top.

Moana is the only princess in the lineup that has some red in her outfit, and red is my favorite color so I decided to focus on red when looking for a dress to match.


I knew as soon as I saw this dress that this is the one for Jasmine. The beautiful blue-green color, the gold belt and embroidered leaves and stars! Absolutely perfect for her.


I had a lot of different options when looking for a dress to match Rapunzel, but I knew that I wanted something with pink and purple in it, to match her dress in the movie.

Even though this dress isn’t super similar to the one she wears, I still think that it’s a good match, because it has a whimsical and youthful vibe, one that suits Rapunzel’s personality.

Snow White

I love this dress for Snow White, and I think the combination of the gold dress and blue flowers is perfect for representing her dress in the movie.


Mulan was another princess I had difficulty choosing a dress for, but I got it narrowed down to three, and then my friends helped me choose this dress for her.

I think the green color for this dress is a good match, and the belt is very reminiscent of the dark red sash that’s pictured in her lineup dress.


I had a lot of options for Aurora’s pink dress, but I fell in love with this one, because of the structured bodice, the shade of pink, and the shape of the sleeves.

Do you prefer a pink or a blue dress for Aurora?


This dress probably wouldn’t be first choice for Cinderella, especially since other dresses by Teuta Matoshi are more reminiscent of Cinderella’s dress in the lineup photo or the gorgeous gown in the live action film, but something about this dress reminds me of the backgrounds of the original movie.

I also considered some more silvery/white dresses for Cinderella, as her gown in the original movie is a lot more silver than blue in color, but I decided on this dress because of how much it reminds me of the overall aesthetic of the animated film.


What I love most about this dress for Pocahontas is the shape of the neckline. While Pocahontas’ dress has one sleeve, both of these dresses have a sweetheart neckline, so I thought it’d be a good match.

I also love this glossy hazel color for Pocahontas!


Tiana is my favorite Disney princess, and this dress reminded me of her as soon as I saw it!

While in the film I prefer Tiana’s blue dress that she wore at Lottie’s costume party, I decided to find a dress to represent her green flower dress from the end of the movie, since that’s the one that she’s often pictured in.


Belle’s gown looks so opulent and golden in the animated film, so I was hoping to find a dress by Teuta Matoshi that gave off the same vibe. I was more than happily surprised when I found this dress for Belle!


This is only dress in this list that isn’t inspired by the dress a princess wears in the lineup photo from the start of this post.

This dress, which reminded me of Ariel’s mermaid form as soon as I saw it, is what inspired me to make this post in the first place.


Finding a dress for Merida wasn’t too difficult, since she wears a lovely dark blue-green dress for her film. I thought this off-the-shoulder dress was a nice match!

I really love Teuta Matoshi’s designs, and I really recommend checking out her work! It’s my dream to wear one of her dresses someday.

8 thoughts on “Disney Princesses as Teuta Matoshi Dresses

  1. Oh my goodness – these are GORGEOUS! People would look like actual Disney princesses in most of these. I’m curious what other dresses you were considering for Mulan.

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  2. So if I ever happen to become an Oscar nominated actress, I know who I want to wear. There’s not a single dress I didn’t love!

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