Why You Shouldn’t Limit Yourself to Just One Aesthetic

Who doesn’t love a cool aesthetic? Maybe you’re like me, and you love a lot of cool aesthetics (probably too many aesthetics, but hey, life’s short). And maybe you’re a lot like me, and have tried to limit yourself to just one aesthetic when it comes to your own personal style.

I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one aesthetic. I’m also going to tell you why I feel this way, because everyone has different opinions, and I’d like to explain mine.

As Michelle from the YouTube channel Clever & Chic put it in a collaborative video on the YouTube channel ModernGurlz:

Fashion and style overlap, but differ greatly in nature. As Yves Saint Laurent stated “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” This is referencing how fashion is a collective, consisting of many groups that are constantly evolving, because it is an art. There are other variables, such as trends, added on, that make the nature of fashion quite fast-paced. But this is where style differs from it.

Style is developed by long lasting factors, such as values, interests, belief systems, and personal influences. Your personal style is unique to you, even if others fall under the same category of style, because it is a combination of all that you think, feel, want, and do. Clothing is a tangible depiction of a person’s social and personal identity, giving those around them an idea of who they are and who they aspire to become. It doesn’t necessarily mean playing a part to achieve a look, but rather using your own personality, intelligence, and experiences to create the look in a manner that makes your external appearance match who you are internally.

Michelle does say more on fashion and personal style in the collaborative video called “the devil wears prada style analysis“, and also has a video on her channel (which is also a collaboration with Tessa from ModernGurlz) called “The Devil Wears Prada Film Analysis: The Forces Behind Fashion with ModernGurlz“, so I highly recommend checking out both videos.

So, what does this have to do with the concept of aesthetics (such as dark academia, cottagecore, baddie, artsy, etc) that we have?

Well, I’ve taken more than a few ‘Find Your Aesthetic’ quizzes for fun, and I’ve noticed that a lot of comments are lamenting enjoying more than one aesthetic’s style, and wishing that they could just limit themselves to one aesthetic. But I think that if you’re limiting yourself to just one aesthetic, then you aren’t really building a personal style. A personal style can incorporate and blend together multiple aesthetics. Why limit yourself so strictly when you can create something unique and personal to you?

Even if you do decide to stick to just one aesthetic’s style, you should keep in mind how casual or formal you like to dress, and have options for dressing up and dressing down (especially if the aesthetic that you’re sticking to is known for more formal outfits), because let’s be honest with ourselves, no one wants to get dressed up every single day. At least, no one that I’ve met. So it’s good to keep some more casual items that still fit in with the rest of your style, for those days that you just wants to wear something comfy and low-effort.

Also, as a side note about the body types: The clothing, hairstyles, and makeup recommendations that I make for the body types are just guidelines, not a style within themselves. Think of them like a medium of art. They’re simply a delivery method for your style, and just as two artists who both paint with watercolors can have completely different art styles, two people with the same body type can also have completely different personal styles.

10 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Limit Yourself to Just One Aesthetic

  1. I’ve “struggled” with this ALL YEAR!!! I’ve been trying to limit myself to one aesthetic, trying to develop my personal style by trying a lot of different ones on but it scrambles my brain after a while so I’ve just wanted to stick to one, but each time I try, another one comes around and grabs my attention…

    My biggest problem is that my two “loves” are so opposite, I don’t know how to incorporate both “Gothic Vampire Femme Fatale” and “Hobbity Cottagecore Fae” lmao… also I’m Dramatic in Kibbe so that only makes it more difficult gah…

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    1. Ooh gothic vampire femme fatale sounds gorgeous!! And yeah, trying to balance two very opposite is so difficult. Half of me has a love for minimal, chic clothing with lots of neutrals. Another half of me has a love for very cutsy clothes in pastels and bright colors. So far the half of me that loves minimal and chic clothing has taken over, but I still have a few pieces that don’t quite fit in with that style, and I realized that I like it that way! Gives me variety to play around with, and variety is the spice of life!


      1. That is a really nice way of looking at it, thank you! And yes, I love that style but I’m suspecting I am a spring and that only makes it more difficult to pull it off 😭 But thank you, I will try to keep that in mind, variety is something I enjoy too!

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  2. Yes, oh my gosh … I am way older than you and quite envious that you have figured this stuff out young! I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to have the picture-perfect cohesive aesthetic (thank you Instagram and Pinterest for raising the bar on that one!) and feeling like a failure because I kept ended up looking like … me! Love your attitude and thoughts on this.

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    1. I have to admit that I fall into the trap of wanting a picture-perfect aesthetic a lot, so this post was also a way of reminding myself that it’s okay to be an eclectic mix of everything that I like. ❤

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  3. Alicia— not sure of how you spend your time, but perhaps different parts of your life can have different styles? I like both 1) colorful solids with architectural details and 2) not-too-busy bohemian. I wear #1 to work and #2 outside of work. Sometimes I combine the 2 with a monochromatic, simple look below the neck (#1), and a multicolored scarf and dangling earrings above(#2).

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    1. Thank you Alana, that’s something I’ll definitely think about! It’s a tad more difficult considering I’m studying nursing so I won’t have a work closet, but I’m noticing I’m more drawn to the moodier, more sultry styles during autumn and winter, and more youthful and more casual styles during spring and summer!

      It’s hard having two different closets when I’m trying to be more conscious and environmentally friendly too though 😂😭

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  4. i love this! i constantly try new aesthetic because i love them all! like one year i’ll be a skater girl style and then the next i’ll be cottagecore and then i’ll be dark academia!! i wanna try them all because i love them all!

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