My Unpopular Opinions: Fashion & Style Edition

I’m in a lighthearted mood today, so I thought I’d write a short post about my unpopular opinions about fashion and style! These might not even be super unpopular opinions or anything, but hey I had fun writing this.

1. Winter outfits

If your winter outfit involves a mini skirt, shorts, crop top, or tank top without layering anything warm underneath them (such as fleece tights or a long sleeve shirt) than that’s not a winter outfit. An average day of L.A. winter weather is a cool summer day where I live, so please consider your location when calling something a winter outfit. Sincerely, a Canadian who has to deal with outdoor temperatures that can go as low as -40.

2. Styles are styles, even if you don’t like them

Fashion styles are like art styles that people wear, so in that sense unless you wear nothing at all, you have some sort of style. Just like how anyone who draws or paints or sculpts has their own art style, whether they like their style or not.

I think some of the confusion around this concept is that we tend to only call people stylish if they have a personal style that’s well thought-out and if they’re very intentional about their fashion choices. But nonetheless t-shirts and leggings everyday is still a style.

3. Rules are meant to be broken – especially once you know them

I’m a big believer in the saying “know the rules before you break them” especially when it comes to art and fashion. I think it’s great to learn about many different types of styling systems and techniques, and then once you’ve learned how they work, bend or twist the rules to achieve an intentional and desired effect.

4. Not everyone looks good in a ‘white tee & jeans’ outfit

I am one of those people who doesn’t look good in a white tee & jeans outfit, because I find that wearing a large block of white so close to my face without anything to break things up just washes me out. But bright red, black, or a nice shade of cream, coffee, or camel? Perfect!

5. There’s no such thing as a ‘universally flattering’ piece

Everyone has their own taste, body type, and belief of what they look good in, so there’s no such thing as a universally flattering piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory. What there is instead are:

  1. Pieces that a person loves so much that they love the way anyone looks in it (*cough cough* me with turtlenecks)
  2. Pieces that help give the illusion that a person has a feature that fits the beauty trends of the time

6. Athleisure isn’t that bad

Athleisure, such as leggings, sweatpants, and hoodies, is really comfy and can be styled in very cool ways. Is it professional attire? No. Well, maybe it is if you’re a hip hop dance teacher or a personal trainer. But people, especially women (because I don’t think I’ve seen men criticized for wearing athleisure items), are allowed to dress casually. So why make such a big deal out of athleisure when it’s a very comfy option, especially for weekends. Athleisure can also be a great option for busy moms who want to wear something comfy but that they can move around in!

Do you have any unpopular opinions that you’d like to share? I’d love to have a discussion about them in the comments!

Have a great rest of your week!
xx Rebekah

4 thoughts on “My Unpopular Opinions: Fashion & Style Edition

  1. Some very true points. For me a winter outfit cannot consist of the camisole, jacket, shorts, long puffa coat and sandals I saw in a blog this week. Also I am sick of seeing variations on the white shirt, jeans, black jacket, caramel jumper outfit that does not suit me and has become cliche, boring, and predictable. So many ‘stylish’ outfits have more to do with the looks and confidence of the wearer, not the clothes. Just because a combination is very bold and unusual doesn’t make it stylish. Personally I don’t like athleisurewear on me and find a knit dress and tights, drawstring linen trousers and T shirt, or some soft corduroy jeans and a jumper just as comfortable and cosy.

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  2. As someone raised in California now living near Canada, that winter outfit one hits hard.

    Recently someone told me they thought I looked nice in winter clothing, and I was like “really? The puffy jackets/face buried in a scarf?” And they said “like sweaters and long pants/a hat.” Those are autumn clothes for me…

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    1. I feel the same way, those sweater and beanie outfits are for autumn! Or maybe a winter outfit if you’re staying indoors the whole time, but if you have to go outside? Then the whole outfit gets covered up with a coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and boots. And not cute little ankle boots either, where I live it’s large, warm, and heavy winter boots!

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