The LWD (Long/Little White Dress) for the Body types

The LWD has a couple of different meanings, depending on who you ask. For some, it stands for ‘Little White Dress’ and for others it stands for ‘Long White Dress’, both of them being counterparts for the LBD or ‘Little Black Dress’. In a video on 2021 fashion trends by ModernGurlz, the Long White Dress was mentioned as gaining popularity thanks to the rise in the cottagecore aesthetic, as well as it being a comfortable, yet still gorgeous, clothing option to wear during the summer.

If you’re interested in the cottagecore aesthetic, I have a post on cottagecore outfit inspirations for the body types that you’ll want to check out.

Also, if you’re not familiar with the system of Kibbe body types, it’s a series of 13 body types, broken down into 5 families, that are holistically determined by your bone structure, flesh, and facial features. Take my body types test to figure out your body type!

With that said, let’s get into some examples of Long and Little White Dresses for the body types:


Romantic and Theatrical Romantic

A white mini dress made from a light fabric and that has ruffling at the bottom. The sleeves are long and slightly puffed, and the waist is defined. A great dress for romantics!
Romantic Dress Inspiration
A white midi dress, with spaghetti strap sleeves, a cold shoulder / off the shoulder detail, and a sweetheart neckline. The dress is buttoned down the middle of the dress. Great for theatrical romantics!
Theatrical Romantic Dress Inspiration

For members of the Romantic family, your dress should be made of a light, airy, and flowy fabric. Something graceful! Details like a sweetheart neckline, puffed sleeves, or some ruffles are great too. As always, the waist should be emphasized, so look for a dress that has natural waist emphasis in its construction.

For accessorizing, some delicate necklaces or a pair of intricate earrings will be great! You can pair it with a round sunhat to keep the sun off your face, and a pair of rounded sunglasses to top it all off.


Dramatic and Soft Dramatic

A white linen maxi dress, with sharp sleeves, and buttons going down the middle of it. Great for dramatics!
Dramatic Dress Inspiration
A white midi dress with a sharp v-neckline, thick straps, two pockets, and a minimal pin stripe pattern. Great for soft dramatics!
Soft Dramatic Dress Inspiration

For members of the Dramatic family, you’ll want to have something with some emphasis on your vertical line, and some sort of vertical stripe is a great way to do this! A sharp shape is also a good detail, such as a v-neckline or some sharply defined sleeves.

For accessorizing, a pair of large cat-eye sunglasses can add a touch of glamour, or you can go for some square sunglasses. A sunhat with a large and stiff brim would also be a nice touch, and you can for a nice piece of statement jewelry to complete the look.


Classic, Soft Classic, and Dramatic Classic

A white midi dress with a minimal sweetheart neckline and a fitted bodice. Great for soft classics!
Soft Classic Dress Inspiration
A simple white midi dress with a clean and slightly swooping neckline and spaghetti straps. Great for classics!
Classic Dress Inspiration
A minimal white midi dress made from slightly stiff fabric, with a square neckline. Great for dramatic classics!
Dramatic Classic Dress Inspiration

For members of the Classic family, you’ll want to keep things minimal, and keep your silhouette very clean. A bit of a fitted bodice can be great, and an a-line skirt is a timeless silhouette. When it comes to fabric weight, something that’s light but holds its shape well, like linen or cotton, can be good for Dramatic Classics, and a lighter fabric is nice for Soft Classics.

Simple accessories, like a necklace, and a matching hat, shoes, and bag will give you an elegant look! Red lipstick and some cat-eye glasses can give you a 50s glamour look à la Grace Kelly, or you can go for some light makeup for a fresh vibe.


Natural, Soft Natural, and Flamboyant Natural

A white midi dress with a v-neckline and lace details. The edges of the hem and neckline are scalloped, and the sleeves have loose ruffling. Great for soft naturals!
Soft Natural Dress Inspiration
A white midi dress with a v-neckline and a softly fitted bodice, with a long and flowing skirt. Great for naturals!
Natural Dress Inspiration
A long white dress made out of a crisp linen and cotton blend. The dress is loosely fitted with elbow length sleeves and is softly defined at the waist. Great for flamboyant naturals!
Flamboyant Natural Dress Inspiration

A lot of casual white dresses have boho vibes, and members of the Natural family look great in boho style clothes. A loose and flowing skirt is perfect, as are slightly loose sleeves. A bit of lace detailing can be nice on Soft Naturals, and a crisp linen and cotton blend is great for Flamboyant Naturals.

A large and floppy sunhat is a nice touch for this kind of outfit, and some oversized sunglasses will be the icing on the cake. While I’m not too big on the sneakers with a dress look for myself, of all the body types I think Naturals pull it off the best.


Gamine, Soft Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine

A white mini dress with a mock neckline, waist emphasis, puffed sleeves, and a ruffly skirt. The dress is sheer on the sleeves, and the dress have lots of small lace trim at the collar and on the ruffles. Great for soft gamines!
Soft Gamine Dress Inspiration
A white mini dress with a mock neckline. The dress has sheer puffed sleeves, and a bit of of sheer lace around the waistline. Great for gamines!
Gamine Dress Inspiration
A white maxi dress with a high neckline. The bodice is fitted and made of lace, and the skirt is long and straight. Great for flamboyant gamines!
Flamboyant Gamine Dress Inspiration

A high neckline is a good touch for members of the Gamine family, especially for longer dresses. Lace is another good touch, because the sheerness of lace can provide a slight color block effect on an otherwise solid white dress! Soft Gamines can wear a lot of small lace and ruffle details, and Flamboyant Gamines can go for a more structured dress.

A pair of small sunglasses and a boat hat can add a retro touch to this outfit, and strappy sandals or ballet flats are great!

Wearing a white dress can be great for warm summer days, especially if the sun is shining! On days like those, remember to keep hydrated and wear sun protection.

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