Fashion Analysis: Lisa from Blackpink

Welcome back to another Fashion Analysis post! This month my Fashion Analysis posts will be focusing on the 4 members of K-pop girl group Blackpink, starting with Lisa Manoban, who is known for her rap and dance skills. She’s also a global ambassador for the brand Celine, which is a French luxury brand.

She’s also a cool style icon for Flamboyant Naturals, so I’m going to be doing a small analysis on 5 different outfits that she’s worn.

Outfit #1

Cool & Casual

Lisa wearing a short sleeve green crop top with cargo jeans and chunky white sneakers.

The first outfit I’m going to analyze is a pretty simple one, but it’s very memorable. This outfit consists of:

  • Light green crop top
  • Cargo jeans
  • Chunky white sneakers

First off, I love the crop top! The sleeve length is almost the same length as the cropped part, which gives it a squarish shape that complements her innate lines. I don’t think that this outfit would work as well if the sleeves were super short or if this was a cropped tank top, and I think the sleeves could even be a bit longer, around elbow length.

Next up is the cargo jeans. While I’m usually not one for a cargo pant look, I actually love these on Lisa! The baggy shapes are perfect for Flamboyant Naturals, and it gives this outfit a street style vibe.

Chunky sneakers are another great touch! Not every body type can pull off chunky shoes, but Flamboyant Gamines and Flamboyant Naturals both look great in them, so I like the oomf that they add to this outfit.

While I wouldn’t change anything about this outfit, I would give the advice to a Flamboyant Natural who’s trying to go for a similar vibe that if you decide to add a coat or sweater on top, that you make sure it’s long. The high rise jeans help make up for the short crop top, so to continue the long vertical line, a long sweater or coat would be perfect!

Outfit #2

Simple & Timeless

Lisa wearing a long brown wool coat, white turtleneck, flare jeans, white chunky sneakers, and a black Balenciaga bag

This second outfit is a timeless one, and kind of a twist on the classic ‘white t-shirt and jeans’ look. This outfit consists of:

  • Long brown wool coat
  • White turtleneck
  • Flare jeans
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Balenciaga bag

First off, the long and slightly unconstructed look to the coat is just perfect. This type of look is amazing on Flamboyant Naturals, and I don’t think any other body type could pull this outfit off just as well as a Flamboyant Natural can.

The white turtleneck paired with the jeans provides a slight twist on the ‘white t-shirt and jeans’ look, but I don’t have much to say on the turtleneck specifically. While not my favorite style of top for Flamboyant Naturals, the rest of the outfit carries it well, so it doesn’t really feel off.

The jeans! The jeans are perfect. Flare jeans can sometimes make other body types feel like they’re drowning in fabric, but a good fitting pair of flares should be a staple in a Flamboyant Natural’s closet.

The chunky sneakers are the cherry on top for this look, and I love that the color matches the turtleneck (if you didn’t know already, I love color coordination).

The bag is pretty good too, it’s a nice size and shape for Lisa’s body type, and she could even go larger if she wants to, as it won’t throw off her look.

Outfit #3

Girl Boss Look

Lisa wearing a black fitted blazer, a white button up shirt, a black turtleneck, lightwash flare jeans, and heels.

In this outfit, which is a cool blend of professional and casual, with a bit of edginess, Lisa is wearing:

  • Black fitted blazer
  • White button up shirt
  • Black turtleneck
  • Lightwash flare jeans
  • Black heels

Another pair of flare jeans! And they look amazing. They don’t have as wide of a flare as the previous jeans, which gives them a streamlined and sophisticated look on Lisa’s body. The pointed heels also add to this streamlined effect.

The blazer is rather fitted for a Flamboyant Natural, but I think it also adds to the sleek look of this outfit, especially with the sharp shoulder padding. It also adds a bit of edge to this look, in my opinion.

Layering the turtleneck under the button up adds some visual interest too, and helps tie in with the blazer and heels. And it’s a wonderful way to keep warm in cold weather!

Outfit #4

Girl Boss to the Next Level

Lisa wearing a black velvet blazer, matching black velvet pants, a black crop top or bandeau, and black pointed heels.

This next outfit has similar vibes to the previous one, but with the edginess and formality taken to the next level. This outfit consists of:

  • Black velvet blazer
  • Black velvet flared pants
  • Black crop top or bandeau
  • Black pointed heels

We’ve got another pair of flared pants, and they are still looking streamlined and amazing! The pointed heels, again, just add to this look.

The blazer in this outfit, though still fairly fitted for a Flamboyant Natural, it does feel more open than the blazer in the previous outfit, because less is worn underneath it. In the previous outfit, a turtleneck and a button up were layered under the blazer, but in this one it’s just a bandeau or a crop top (hard to tell which without seeing the sleeves, which are covered by the blazer).

Lastly, the monochromatic look of this outfit adds to Lisa’s vertical line, which is a great touch, and makes the entire outfit fit her lines even better.

Outfit #5

Celine Look

Lisa wearing a black and gold striped Celine dress with black knee high boots.

This outfit, designed by Hedi Slimane, is a beautiful thing! I love the way it looks on Lisa, and I think that it’s just perfect for her.

This outfit consists of:

  • Black and gold striped midi dress
  • Black knee high boots

Vertical stripes are great for highlighting the long vertical line of Flamboyant Natural, and the combination of a black midi dress and black boots also adds to this effect.

The fabric of the dress is lovely too, as it has some nice texture and weight. Also, I’m not sure if it’s because of the pose or because of Lisa’s iconic sharp shoulders, but the shoulders look a bit padded, which is another nice touch.

Lastly, the boots have a bit of a chunky heel, which is a detail that I love on all members of the Natural family, so I think that the boots are great!

I really love Lisa’s style, and I think she has some great outfits to serve as inspiration for Flamboyant Naturals, so I recommend checking out more of her outfits if you like her style.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Analysis: Lisa from Blackpink

  1. As a fellow flamboyant natural this is so interesting! And I really like the baggy and wide leg jeans on her as well. What do you think of her hairstyle(s)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great question! Overall, I love Lisa’s hairstyles where her hair is longer, I find that the blunt bob that she sometimes wears looks a little too harsh or short for her face. I like her bangs though, I think that Flamboyant Naturals can pull off a lot of different bang looks, as long as they’re not too short (and Lisa’s bangs are a really good length for her face).


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