Fashion Analysis: Jennie from Blackpink

It’s another Friday, which means another Fashion Analysis post! Since I covered Lisa Manoban last week, I’ve decided to continue covering Blackpink members, so this week I’ll be analyzing five outfits worn by Jennie Kim, who is a Flamboyant Gamine.

Outfit #1

Casual & Sporty

In this outfit Jennie is wearing a white fitted crop top, light blue flare jeans with racing stripes, and white sneakers

In this outfit, which has a slightly sporty vibe, consists of:

  • White crop top
  • Embroidered flare jeans with racing stripes
  • Slightly chunky white sneakers

I have to admit, I’m surprised at how much I love this outfit! I tend to prefer a more slim fitting outfit on Flamboyant Gamines, but sometimes a bit of extra bagginess or chunkiness can work on us, and I think this outfit gets the balance just right.

Firstly, the flare jeans aren’t too long for Jennie, so they don’t look like they’re drowning her in fabric, which is something that us shorter girls have to keep an eye out for. Also, the crop top is extremely fitted, so it balances out the width of the flare jeans (it also has a high neckline, which is a detail that I think works so well on members of the Gamine family).

I also think the embroidery and the racing stripes is a great touch! It adds some animated details and creates visual interest, so it feels really balanced with the lines of Jennie’s body type.

Lastly, I want to touch on Jennie’s hairstyle. I really really love this length of hair on her, I think it really helps add some lift to this outfit, and the slight waves complement her facial structure.

Outfit #2

T-Shirt & Jeans with a Twist

In this outfit Jennie is wearing a white t-shirt with the text "100% Basic", straight leg jeans, and Chanel espadrille mules

This outfit, which is a bit less casual and sporty than the previous one, consists of:

  • White t-shirt with text
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Chanel cap toe espadrille mules

I love this outfit, mainly because it feels a lot like something I’d wear, as a fellow Flamboyant Gamine. This outfit is a classic one, white t-shirt and jeans, with a bit of a twist.

If you’re a Flamboyant Gamine, and you don’t like the look of skinny jeans, but still want a slightly fitted look, then straight leg jeans like these are a great alternative! I think that the rise could be a bit higher, at around the natural waistline, but other than that this style of jeans is superb!

The t-shirt is a great cut for members of the Gamine family too, with a high neckline, and is well fitted.

Lastly, the cap toe detail on Jennie’s shoes are a great detail on members of the Gamine family, as it adds some contrast and a bit of a color block.

Outfit #3

Girl Boss Look

In this outfit Jennie is wearing a white top that looks like a blazer, tucked into lightwash straight leg jeans, and worn with nude stilettos

Like in the post I did on Lisa, I’m including an outfit in this post that is a mix between casual and professional, which I am calling a ‘girl boss’ look. This outfit consists of:

  • White blazer style top
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Nude stilettos

The jeans in this outfit are very similar to the jeans in the previous outfit, so you already know that I think they look great. What I want to focus on in this outfit are the top and the stilettos.

The top is really cool, and I love how it looks like a blazer! But it does feel a little bit too bulky for Jennie’s frame. I think the top would be perfect if the sleeves were more streamlined and fitted, as the bodice of the top looks amazing the way it is, with the high neckline and stiff fabric.

Also, I think the outfit would be even better if the stilettos were in a different color, to create more of a color block. White stilettos would go well with the outfit!

Outfit #4

Casual in Chanel

In this outfit Jennie is wearing a white Chanel cardigan with red trim and black stripes, a pair of high waisted red shorts, and white sneakers.

I love this look, and when the weather is warm enough, I might try a similar silhouette, because I think it looks great! This Chanel outfit consists of:

  • White, red, and black Chanel cardigan
  • Red high waisted shorts
  • White sneakers

Overall, this outfit is perfect! The color pattern on the cardigan creates some nice color blocks (not to mention the high neckline!), the silhouette is pretty fitted, and the chunkiness of the sneakers helps offset the softness of the cardigan.

I love this outfit, and it’s my favorite of all the outfits in this post!

Outfit #5

Edgy & Pretty

In this outfit Jennie is wearing silver earrings, a black lace top over a black tank top, a black mini skirt, and black ankle boots with chunky heels.

In this last outfit, which I believe was a stage outfit, Jennie is wearing:

  • Dangly silver earrings
  • Black lace top
  • Black tank top
  • Black mini skirt
  • Black ankle boots with block heels

I love this outfit, and for the most part, I think it’s perfect! The only thing I would change are the earrings, as I find that dangly earrings tend to weigh down the look of a Flamboyant Gamine, so I’d prefer either a stud style earring or an ear cuff, but that’s a small detail.

Overall, the fitted silhouette of this outfit is perfect, and I love the high neckline of the lace top that Jennie’s wearing, and how it’s sheerness creates a color block against the top she has on underneath it.

I also love how the skirt and boots create a color block against her legs, as her pale skin tone creates a lot of color contrast against the black fabric, so it’s a great touch.

Overall, I really love Jennie’s style, and as a fellow Flamboyant Gamine, I know I’m going to be taking inspiration from lots of her outfits!

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