Fashion Analysis: Rosé from Blackpink

Welcome back to another Fashion Analysis post, a series in which I analyze five different outfits and how they work (or don’t) with the wearer’s body type. The last Fashion Analysis post was on Jennie, a member of the K-Pop group Blackpink. This week I’m doing an analysis of five outfits worn by Rosé, another member of Blackpink. Rosé’s body type is Dramatic Classic.

Outfit #1

Dressy yet casual

In the first outfit that I’m going to analyze Rosé is wearing:

  • Long brown trench coat, a bit oversized
  • White v-neck crop top
  • High waisted brownish grey wide leg trousers
  • White sneakers

This outfit is quite a fascinating one, as it gives us an example of how Natural lines, in this case specifically Flamboyant Natural lines, work on a Dramatic Classic body type.

You see, an interesting thing happens when a member of the Classic family wears Natural lines. No matter how formal the piece is considered on its own, it will always look more casual when it’s worn by a member of the Classic family. We can really see this effect with the trousers that Rosé is wearing.

Despite being fairly dressy pants by themselves, when Rosé wears them she makes them have a cool and effortless vibe rather than a polished and professional one. The slightly oversized nature of her coat adds to this effect.

This definitely isn’t a bad thing, as Rosé looks great in this outfit! It’s just a matter of knowing how certain pieces will harmonize or contrast with the lines of your body type.

Outfit #2

Pretty in blue

Here’s another example of how Rosé is playing with the lines of her body type. In this outfit Rosé is wearing:

  • Blue maxi dress with a small white dot pattern
  • White sneakers

At first glance this dress seems pretty clear cut as a perfect dress for Naturals, but it does have some elements that match up with Classic lines, such as the pattern. The dots are small, but not busy enough to be animated. They act more as just a simple repetitive pattern, so they don’t look overwhelming on any member of the Classic family.

What’s more is that Rosé has matched her sneakers to the dot pattern, which adds a level of polish to the outfit. The shade of blue of the dress also works great with her overall contrast levels.

There are definitely some Natural lines at play with this dress though! On a member of the Natural family this dress would look a bit more formal, and be perfect for a date at the park or looking fancy while running errands, but on Rosé’s body type it gives off a more casual chic vibe, which must be intentional.

Outfit #3

Smart but casual

In this outfit we can see how Rosé is using her lines to create a smart and polished look while still wearing casual pieces. In this outfit Rosé is wearing:

  • Camel colored coat
  • Black crop top
  • Black skinny jeans
  • White sneakers
  • Yves Saint Laurent black bag

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Rosé really likes wearing white sneakers! It makes sense, as the sneakers are a comfortable footwear choice for walking around, and the white color helps them match with virtually any outfit.

At first glance, this outfit looks a lot like the first one I analyzed, and the formula is definitely similar. The differences are in the cuts of the individual pieces.

Let’s start with the coat. It’s slightly shorter than in the first outfit, and it also fits Rosé better. The shoulders are a bit sharp, the sleeve length is perfect and the overall silhouette is neither baggy nor super tight, so it hits all the right criteria for a Dramatic Classic coat.

In this outfit Rosé has also matched the color of her top, pants, and bag, which is a small detail but it really adds a level of polish that goes a long way on members of the Classic family.

Outfit #4

Tailored and chic

In this outfit Rosé is wearing:

  • White button up shirt
  • Grey blazer
  • Black neck scarf
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black chunky heeled boots

This ensemble really works as a professional looking outfit. If you’re a Dramatic Classic who is searching for a put-together look just replace the skinny jeans with tapered dress pants and you’ll have a sleek, professional go-to look.

The blazer works perfectly for this outfit. It fits Rosé beautifully, and the long and skinny lapels work excellently with her Dramatic Classic lines, and I think that the blazer really balances out the skinny jeans. It creates a very cohesive look throughout the outfit.

The black scarf tied as a necktie is also a creative touch, and I think it really helps tie in (pun intended) the color of the skinny jeans and boots into the outfit.

If I was a Dramatic Classic searching for a professional look, the only thing I would change about this outfit is the hair. I would probably go with a simple but sleek hairstyle, such as a bun or a chignon, to fully complete the look.

Outfit #5

Edgy and sleek

In this final outfit, Rosé is wearing:

  • A black YSL midi dress
  • Black chunky heeled boots

Of course since each member of Blackpink is the ambassador for a different fashion brand, I have to include at least one outfit for each member wearing that brand! In this photo Rosé is wearing a YSL dress. YSL is known for their sleek and edgy looks, and I think this dress really captures that feeling with the lines of Rosé’s body type.

To start, the overall silhouette of the dress is rather clean, and definitely symmetrical, with some slight sharpness at the shoulders and with the v neckline.

But it also has a very tiny bit of softness, and this softness creates a subtle contrast that makes the whole look feel sharper. If you look closely, you can see the sleeves have a little bit of a ruffled cuff, and the fabric of the dress is fairly lightweight, which helps add contrast with some of the sharpness in Rosé’s lines. After all, she is a Dramatic Classic, so it truly helps give the look that edge and sleekness that YSL is known for.

The heeled boots also help add some sharpness to the outfit, with the pointed toe, and that level of thickness to the heel works perfectly with the proportions of Rosé’s lines.

Next week I’ll be doing a post on Jisoo, the last member from Blackpink that I have yet to cover, so stay tuned for that. A huge thank you goes out to my friend Samia, for helping me with line editing this post! ❤

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