Fashion Analysis: Jisoo from Blackpink

It’s another Friday which means another Fashion Analysis post! In last week’s Fashion Analysis post I analyzed five outfits worn by Rosé, one of the members of the K-Pop girl group Blackpink. Today I’m finishing off this mini-series on Blackpink by analyzing five outfits worn by Jisoo, a Soft Classic, and showing how they work for her body type.

Let’s get started!

Outfit #1

Cute and casual

In this first outfit I’m going to analyze, Jisoo is wearing:

  • Black bucket hat
  • White oversized t-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black and white sneakers

What really makes this outfit casual is the slightly oversized t-shirt. Pretty much everything else she’s wearing matches with her lines, so the oversized t-shirt is what gives the outfit more of a comfy and casual vibe.

If you’ve read my post on Rosé, then you know how I feel about color coordinated outfits on members of the Classic family. Color coordination is great in any outfit, but it really adds an extra something when worn by members of the Classic family.

Outfit #2

Pretty and preppy

This outfit (which is my favorite in today’s post) is a cute one, with a bit of preppy flair. In this look, Jisoo is wearing:

  • Beige t-shirt
  • Burberry plaid skirt
  • Black socks
  • Black bag
  • Black loafers

Let’s start with my favorite part: color coordination! The shirt Jisoo is wearing matches the Burberry skirt perfectly and her black bag, socks, and shoes also match with the black stripes in the plaid. It creates a very put-together look, and elevates the outfit to a different level.

Pretty much everything about this outfit is perfect for a Soft Classic. All the pieces fit Jisoo perfectly, they’re neither too tight nor too loose, and the outfit has minimal details and a clean silhouette.

If you’re a Soft Classic looking for some preppy or academic wardrobe inspiration, then this outfit is a great starting point!

Outfit #3

Rainy Day

In this next ensemble, Jisoo is wearing:

  • Black turtleneck
  • Grey spaghetti strap dress with black lace trim (layered over the turtleneck)
  • Black heeled boots

Here’s another great outfit formula for Soft Classics, especially ones who find the typical Soft Classic looks a little too plain for their tastes. Layering is definitely an option, just make sure that your silhouette is still smooth and symmetrical, like it is in this outfit!

Again, color coordination goes a long way, so if you are going to be experimenting with layering, make sure that you have a unifying color throughout the outfit. Here, the unifying color is black.

Outfit #4

Slightly dressy look

This next outfit can be used as the basis of a professional Soft Classic outfit, with a few small tweaks. In this outfit Jisoo is wearing:

  • Camel mock neck short sleeve top
  • Black straight leg pants
  • White sneakers

The fit on all of these pieces are superb, and the only thing I’d modify are the pants. I would make them taper in ever so slightly at the ankle, as they’re a bit loose there, but it might also be because of the length of the pants. Other than that, this outfit is great, and can serve as a good base for a professional ensemble.

To change this outfit into a professional one, all you’d need to do is change out the sneakers for loafers or heels, and add a blazer. Alternatively, you can replace the mock neck top with a blouse.

Outfit #5

Dressing in Dior

If you’ve read my other Fashion Analysis posts on the members of Blackpink, then you know that I have to include each member wearing at least one outfit for the fashion houses they’re ambassadors for!

In this high fashion look Jisoo is wearing:

  • Dark green plaid Dior dress
  • Matching green Dior saddle bag
  • Black choker necklace
  • Green heels

So, for the most part, I think this outfit is lovely! The silhouette of the dress is perfect, as it’s soft, symmetrical, and clean, and the sweetheart neckline creates a soft and rounded shape, which is a great detail.

There are two things I would change about this outfit though: the plaid and the choker.

While I usually love a good plaid pattern, this one looks overwhelming on Jisoo. I’m noticing the dress before I notice her, but this could be easily fixed by going with a more minimal pattern or something smaller in size, rather than the large checks of this particular plaid.

The choker isn’t as big of an issue, but I do find it still looks a bit off in this outfit. Having such a contrasting color that high on the neckline is something I’d recommend for Gamines, so it feels choppy on a Soft Classic. If I could magically change the choker, I would either make it gold (to match the Dior hardware and create less of a contrast against her fair skin) or I would change it into a pendant necklace.

And so that concludes my Blackpink miniseries! I’ll be continuing with the Fashion Analysis posts, and starting next week the theme will be the movie Clueless.

Thanks to my friend Samia for helping with the line edits of this post. That’s all for now, see you guys next week!

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