Jeans for the Body Types

Recently I got a request from a viewer for a post on jeans for the body types. It’s an idea that I’ve had on the back burner for awhile now, and just kept forgetting to make, so here I am, making it. Thanks for the extra push of motivation, Grace!

So, as the title of this post and the previous paragraph states, this post is all about jeans for the body types. I won’t be going into the colors of jeans or anything extra like prints, patterns or embellishments, as those go a bit beyond the scope of what I want to cover in this post.

It’s also important to note that there is a decent amount of wiggle room when it comes to the jean cut and fit, in my experience. I’m not saying that you have to follow these strictly, especially since jeans seem to have the shortest lifespan in the fashion cycle, when it comes to which silhouettes are “in fashion” and which ones are “out”. Which is a shame, because jeans really should be the staple items in a person’s closet, given the durability of the material and how commonly they’re worn.

So if you’re like me, and prefer to know exactly which jeans will suit you so that you don’t have to go and buy a new pair whenever the trend for jeans changes, then read on. This post will be specifically about jeans for the Kibbe body types system, so if you’re unfamiliar with that system, then I recommend taking my body types test to find out your body type.



For members of the Romantic family, you’ll want to make sure that your jeans are high rise, as tucking your top into high rise bottoms is one of the easiest ways to create waist emphasis in your outfits.

I also recommend a skinny fit to the jeans, as that will hug the curves of your body and follow your lines the best, however I know that skinny jeans aren’t to everyone’s preference, be it for modesty reasons or comfort reasons, so an alternative is to go with slim fitting jeans that taper in towards the ankle.

When it comes to the length, something slightly cropped that shows off the ankle will look quite nice, but a full length jean will work fine as well, especially during the cooler months or if you live in a generally cold climate.



When it comes to the members of the Dramatic family, I recommend straight leg jeans no matter the subcategory of Dramatic, however my recommendation for the rise changes depending on whether or not a person is a Dramatic or a Soft Dramatic.

For Dramatics I recommend a low rise (or mid rise if you find low rises uncomfortable to wear), as Dramatics look quite good with a dropped waistline/no waist emphasis in their outfits.

However for Soft Dramatics I recommend a high rise, so that waist emphasis can be created by tucking the top into the jeans. It’s also best if the straight cut doesn’t create too much bagginess, and instead hugs the hips before turning into a straight cut of jean.


For the members of the Classic family, the recommendations I have change a little bit depending on which variant you are.


For Classics, I recommend a medium rise jean with a slim fit, however if that doesn’t appeal to you, then feel free to slide in either the Soft Classic direction or the Dramatic Classic direction for your jeans.

For Soft Classics I recommend a high rise slim fitting jean, so that you can create some waist emphasis by tucking your top into your jeans.

And for Dramatic Classics, I recommend a medium rise jean with a straight leg. However do be aware that some jeans that are labelled as a straight fit are actually designed to be slightly baggy, which you should avoid.


As with the Classic family, my recommendations for the Naturals changes a bit depending on which variant of the Natural family you are.


For Naturals I recommend a medium rise flare jean, which hugs the top of the legs and then flares out at around the knee.

For Soft Naturals I recommend a flared jean, much like the one for the Naturals, but with a high rise waistline, so that you can tuck in your tops to create some waist emphasis.

And for the Flamboyant Naturals, I recommend a medium rise wide-leg jean, which emphasizes both your long vertical line and the slight width of your bone structure.


As with all the other families of body types in this post, my recommendations change a bit depending on which variant you are.


For Gamines, I recommend a high rise, slim fit, with a cropped ankle. While the cropped ankle may not be appropriate for all weather or temperature conditions, it will look quite good, so give it a try when the weather allows for it.

For Soft Gamines, I recommend high rise skinny jeans, also with a cropped ankle if the weather and temperature allows for it. Remember to tuck your top into jeans to create some waist emphasis.

For Flamboyant Gamines, I recommend a medium rise jean with a slim fit, and a cropped ankle if the weather allows for it.

Additional Tips

  • Not interested in buying cropped jeans? Try rolling up the hems of your jeans to create a cropped look
  • A general rule of thumb when it comes to the rise of your jeans (since it plays such a large role in the comfort level of wearing jeans) is that you can slide one rise level. For example, if the recommendation for your body type is low rise, then you can slide over to medium rise if you find it more comfortable to wear. And for high rise recommendations, you can slide over to medium rise. People with medium rise recommendations are lucky and can slide in either direction depending on their preference.

So there are my jeans recommendations for the body types! Remember that it isn’t just about the individual clothing piece. Even if you have the perfect jeans for your body type, the clothing pieces that you pair it with and how you style it will affect the way it looks on you.

One thought on “Jeans for the Body Types

  1. What a great post! After much self reflection I think I might be some sort of classic. It’s really interesting though that you suggest straight leg jeans for that body type since that’s mostly what I gravitate towards as well. I did recently purchase mom jeans though so I’m curious to see how those work for me when I try to style them!


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