7 Wardrobe Staples That Fit Every Body Type

This week I have something a little different for you all, as I have a guest post by Eugenia from Kture, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

We’ve all been there: reading the ‘wardrobe staples’ articles, making a list of items needed to build our perfect capsules, high-end outlets to visit, and then learning that they simply don’t suit our body types. Of course, it is naive to expect every style or type of clothing will suit you – but when hearing the word ‘staple’, we automatically assume this is something that fits everybody. Unfortunately, not every staple item is made equal and, sometimes, they are only staples for people of a particular build. But here are the good news: there are 7 items that cater to literally everyone.

1. Blazer

The versatility of a blazer stretches further than being perfect for nearly every occasion. It’s also suitable and flattering for every body type, depending on the cut. For example, structured blazers with a button midsection are perfect for accentuating curvy hips. Paired with high-waist pants, long blazers make one’s legs appear longer, as well as keeping the figure in a nice, tight shape. Blazers can be easily worn for corporate, everyday smart casual, formal occasions, nights out and, essentially, everywhere. There are no seasonal restrictions either. With this garment’s adaptability to every circumstance, including one’s body type, it’s very clear why it’s a timeless staple.

2. Basic Hoodie

Regardless of color or material, the basic hoodie is a truly universal apparel item. Cozy and versatile, it is ultimately flattering for every body shape due to being boxy. The parameter that should be paid mind to when choosing a
perfect fit is the length.

Short or cropped hoodies are great for shorter people as they will make your legs and torso appear longer. Long hoodies that go past your bum are flattering for those of a bigger size as they won’t accentuate the belly. These are not strict rules, just basic pointers – very often, any length of a hoodie will look great on the wearer, regardless of their body shape.

3. Little Black Dress

LBD is the embodiment of everything we love about dresses. It gives an effortlessly chic look to a wearer and fills them with confidence. The purpose of a little black dress isn’t to hide your imperfections but to highlight the best qualities of your body type. For example, curvier girls are advised to wear snug fit LBDs to emphasise their feminine build. Owners of the hourglass figure are truly in the win, as they look astonishing in any LBD. Petite girls should opt for shorter dresses that bring out more skin, whereas tall girls should do the opposite.

4. White Button-up Shirt

There’s nothing as magical and suiting everyone as a crisp white button-up shirt. From corporate to a girly brunch to a night spent dancing, this garment matches any situation. And is absolutely inclusive of everyone, no matter the
size, shape or sex.

The key aspects to pay mind to are chest and wrist fits. When it comes to button-ups, bustier girls are painfully aware of the ‘chest gap’ that can be very embarrassing. With the wrist fit, it can feel too uncomfortably tight despite the
rest of the shirt looking perfect. Since this is a staple piece that never goes out of fashion, we would recommend splurging on it by getting it fitted to your precise body type.

5. Shirt Dress

Simple and unpretentious, shirt dresses will always rock our wardrobes for being a perfect combination of feminine and comfortable. This is another staple that’s not restricted by body types and can be enjoyed by anyone, in
any season. The secret is usually within what you match it with. For example, pear shaped ladies would benefit from pairing a shirt dress with a pair of pointed-toe shoes. Hour-glass women could highlight their curves only further by adding a waist belt. Simply put, shirt dresses are universal. Their impact is strengthened when you choose accessories that complement your best features.

6. Turtleneck

A winter-favorite, cashmere turtlenecks keeps you warm, cozy and stylish. Either used as a standalone top or for layering, this wardrobe staple is suitable for literally everybody. Similarly to hoodies, turtlenecks come in
different lengths and fabric densities. But the trick here is the print. While traditionally turtlenecks come unicolour, the market of today is brimming with prints. And we get it – what’s better than a splash of colour on cold winter
days? However, different prints create different visual effects. For example, horizontal stripes will make your body appear wider, whereas vertical stripes will make you appear slimmer.

7. Trench Coat

One of the oldest classics in the world of fashion, the trench coat is the superhero of the fashion world. Not only does it keep you warm, but also can give you an instant chic. Due to their necessity and popularity, trench coats come in tons of cuts, styles, colors and prints. This makes them universal to everyone: every body type, style preference or color scheme. Choosing a trench coat in accordance with your body shape is similar to how you’d pick a blazer. However, it’s always recommended to buy it a size or even two bigger, especially if you’re buying it for the colder season. A trench coat is a long-term investment that will serve you for years to come, therefore, if you can, we highly recommend getting it fitted.


We love staple pieces because they’re versatile and can be worn across multiple different occasions. They are easy to match with other clothing, they never go out of fashion and they make us effortlessly elegant. However, even staples can get a little tricky to get right when there’s body type involved – something the industry doesn’t often highlight.
In this article, we’ve listed 7 staple items that suit every body type as well as shared advice on how to make sure they complement your shape. Hopefully, this has given you a clearer idea of what the cornerstones of your wardrobe
should be. If so – head to Kture and browse collections of your favorite designers to find these staples.

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