An Update For 2023

So it’s been awhile. Hi.

The past year for me has been indescribable. Moving to Europe has been one of the best choices that I’ve made in my life. Choosing to take a break from my blogging has also been a good choice, as being able to step back from this has allowed me to spend more time growing as a person.

But now I’m ready to return to writing.

Now that I’m living and working in a cosmopolitan city I’ve had so much opportunity to connect with people, see real life fashion and style trends, and experience wearing different types of outfits for different occasions, and it has rekindled my love for clothing and styling as well as given me new ideas and experiences to draw on. So I’m very happy to announce that…

I will be returning to this blog in 2023!

However, I’ll be posting at a less frequent rate than I used to when I was posting on here regularly.

My vision for 2023 is to create one post for each month of the year that is longer, more comprehensive, and covers different style topics. Almost like a monthly magazine for my readers, since this will allow me to spend more time polishing each piece before publishing it, as well as let me touch on subjects that are too short to flesh out into one full blog post. I also have a job now outside of my style consults, so I want to make sure that I’m delivering the best content that I can despite having less free time now for writing.

So some questions for you to help me make the best start to this part of my writing journey:

  1. My goal is to publish one post at the end of each month, so that I can give ideas and suggestions for what to wear in the upcoming month. Which day of the week would you most likely to see this on? (For example, posting on the last Sunday of every month)
  2. Are there any specific topics you’d like me to cover in my writing?
  3. Would you like a downloadable version of each monthly article so that it can be read offline?

Thank you everyone who has stuck around during my hiatus and I hope that everyone has an amazing 2023!

4 thoughts on “An Update For 2023

  1. So glad to see you back here again! I used to love reading your old articles and can’t wait for something new in 2023! The less-frequent-but-longer posts is also such a good idea.

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  2. Yay, I’m so glad you’re back! And that you’ve had time to get excited about fashion again :).

    I love the idea of monthly posts. Personally, I’m already subscribed to several newsletters that come out on Sundays, so I think a different day might set you apart? But I’ll read regardless, so do whatever works best for you lol. Welcome back!

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