How To Style 2023 Winter Trends For The Body Types

We’re already halfway through the winter season for this year, but late is better than never, and the weather has been cold lately, so now is a perfect time to go over some winter trends.

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If you aren’t already familiar with the Kibbe body type system then I recommend looking through some of my posts about them, as I’ll be focusing on this styling system in this article, and providing suggestions for each body type based on the things that are currently on trend.

Maxi & Midi Skirts

Image collage of three examples of maxi and midi skirt outfits

The trend of longer length skirts continues to be on the rise to offset the popularity of micro skirts. The difference between these two skirt style’s popularity? The longer skirts are being styled more for professional looks and the shorter ones more for casual.

While their length automatically makes them easier to style for more yang dominant body types, such as members of the Dramatic or Natural family, the popularity of these skirt lengths can make it easier to find different cuts and materials for all body types.

For those who are more yin dominant, keep an eye out for skirts that either hug through the hips, sit at your natural waist, or are made from a softer fabric such as satin or silk. Having one or multiple of these key details will help make it easier to style with the rest of your wardrobe.

Glittery Fabric

Image collage of three examples of glittery fabric outfits

Depending on what gives the fabric its shimmer, this is probably the easiest trend to style for any body type.

For members of the Gamine family, shiny fabrics can easily be found in turtlenecks currently, which when paired with a contrasting bottom can be a great way to add some sparkle to a staccato look. These same turtlenecks can be styled with a bottom in the same color to create a long line of monochromatic color and emphasize the length of a Dramatic or Dramatic Classic.

Of course, glittery details tend to lend themselves best to softer body types, so a shimmery shirt with a round neckline could easily be paired with some curve-hugging trousers for those in the Romantic family or with softer leanings such as Soft Classics and Soft Naturals.

Corset Details

Image collage of three examples of outfits with corset details

Due to the curve emphasis that corset detailing provides, this trend will flatter any body type that wants some extra waist emphasis, from the Romantic to the Soft Dramatic.

One key thing to pay attention to when looking at a piece with corset detailing is the shape of the neckline, and if applicable, the hem. Rounded and sweetheart necklines will look stunning on the softest body types, whereas squoval or square necklines will be beautiful on the body types with some more yang influence such as Soft Naturals and Soft Dramatics.

Robe Inspiration

From cardigans to padded coats, taking inspiration from robes and housecoats adds a touch of coziness to any piece, and tends to create a relaxed and luxurious look.

Those who are familiar with the body types will already know that this relaxed look works perfectly on members of the Natural family. Just play around with the length and level of waist emphasis while styling to match with your vertical line and curves.

Cargo Pants

Image collage of three cargo pants outfits

Cargo pants, along with wider and baggie pants in general have been on the rise in recent years, ironically as the rise of these pants go from high rise to low rise, harking back to the trends of the aughts.

Of course the baggy and relaxed look of cargo pants lends itself well to Naturals and Flamboyant Naturals, but it can also be styled for other yang body types as well.

When worn long and with a tight top in a matching color, it can create a fun and edgy look for Dramatics. Make it cropped and tapered, and pair it with a contrasting top, and it becomes a playful look for Gamines and Flamboyant Gamines.

Abundant Stripes

Image collage of stripey outfit examples

Patterns almost never truly go out of style, but stripes are currently dominating like no other. And the nice thing about patterns is that with a little thought, they can work on anyone, since the primary consideration is the silhouette, and patterns and details are secondary.

To accommodate a moderate to long vertical line, go for vertical stripes. Conversely, if you have a shorter vertical line, go for horizontal stripes. And of course, play with width to harmonize with the width of your bone structure. 

One thing to keep an eye out for is the contrast levels of the stripes. Black and white stripes, for example, are the most contrasted option, and pastels against pastels, or black against dark gray are a low contrast option.

For the lowest contrast, you can look at stripes created not by different colors, but by different textures, such as ribbing in knitted fabrics. This can be a nice subtle option for members of the Classic family who want to include stripes in their look but want to keep things especially low contrast.

Gathers & Ruches

Image collage of gathers and ruches

Gathering and ruching are continuing to make their appearance in clothing, but now it’s less in a “y2k girly look” and now in a more sparse but dramatic look. 

Instead of lots of small gathers, we are now seeing bold gathers along sleeves or a single line of statement gathers along the edge of a garment. These larger, more avant garde details are an interesting way to add some softness to Dramatic or Natural lines, and would be perfect for Soft Naturals and Soft Dramatics. 

Of course when these ruches are smaller and used to draw attention to or emphasize curves they’ll be easy to style for Theatrical Romantics and Romantics, especially when on a dress that hugs the figure.

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