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Fashion Analysis: Jennie from Blackpink

It’s another Friday, which means another Fashion Analysis post! Since I covered Lisa Manoban last week, I’ve decided to continue covering Blackpink members, so this week I’ll be analyzing five outfits worn by Jennie Kim, who is a Flamboyant Gamine.

A line art drawing of shirts hanging on a clothing line, with the text "The Importance of Personal Style" above it

The Importance of Personal Style

There’s a certain amount of psychological importance that a person’s personal style has. As someone who’s interested in styling, sometimes people I talk to about it don’t understand why I think it’s such an important thing, so here are my reasons why:

A drawing of Elle Woods from 'Legally Blonde', with the words 'Style Analysis: Elle Woods from 'Legally Blonde''

Fashion Analysis: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

Welcome to my first ‘Fashion Analysis’ post, where I analyze five outfits and explain how they work for the wearer’s body type. For my first Fashion Analysis post, I’ve decided to analyze five outfits that Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) wears in the movie Legally Blonde. Before we start, here’s some basic information to…


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