What I’ve been watching while self-isolating

I have spent so much of the past 3 months inside. Well, not always inside, sometimes I go into the yard or go for a walk down the street, but I've barely gone into public since the pandemic was declared back in March. Despite my lifestyle not changing much, I have to admit that it's…

5 Small Habits That Have Made Me a Better Person

There are small things that we can do to make ourselves better, but just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they’re easy. The main reason why we don’t do these things is because we need to form them as habits in order to reap their rewards. The process of building up a habit takes time, but…

2019 Art Course – Term 1 – Week 6 (Feb 10 – 16)

Welcome to the sixth week in my art course! After this week there will be a middle of term break, which will give you a nice opportunity to rest, or catch up if you’ve fallen behind. If you haven’t had the chance to participate yet, don’t worry. You can jump into the course at any…

How to Choose POVs, POV Characters, and Tenses

Cozy Creative Writing

Choosing a point of view, point of view characters, and tenses, can be a rather difficult thing.

Apart from my point of view characters, I find that I usually can’t choose these until I start writing my novel and experiment with them, which leaves the first few thousand words a jumbled mess.

This happened to me because, while I knew the technical differences between tenses and point of views, I wasn’t able to grasp how they would influence the way the story was perceived.

If you’re experiencing the same difficulties I was, I hope that this post will help you understand the narrative and emotional differences, so that you can choose the perfect tense, point of view, and POV characters for your story.

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