How to Choose POVs, POV Characters, and Tenses

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Choosing a point of view, point of view characters, and tenses, can be a rather difficult thing.

Apart from my point of view characters, I find that I usually can’t choose these until I start writing my novel and experiment with them, which leaves the first few thousand words a jumbled mess.

This happened to me because, while I knew the technical differences between tenses and point of views, I wasn’t able to grasp how they would influence the way the story was perceived.

If you’re experiencing the same difficulties I was, I hope that this post will help you understand the narrative and emotional differences, so that you can choose the perfect tense, point of view, and POV characters for your story.

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How to Get Ideas Out Of Your Head and Into Something Tangible

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One of the most frustrating things that happens to me as a writer is having a bunch of ideas in my head with no clue how to get them out.

I once heard that feeling described like this:

It’s like having a lake in your head. And you want to get that lake out, but all you have is a teaspoon to help you.

This feeling can be especially frustrating if you’re trying to plan out a story. So here are 7 ways to get those ideas out of your mind and into something tangible:

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No Idea, No Story – How to Come Up With Story Ideas

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All stories start with an idea. That idea then grows and becomes a setting, a plot, and characters. But if you don’t have the initial spark then you don’t have a story.

This can be quite frustrating when you really want to write something. Your mind is gearing itself up to create, but it doesn’t have anything to create from.

So how can you come up with ideas? Here are 5 ways:

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Does Your Story Need a Plot Twist to be Memorable?

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Warning, this blog post contains heavy spoilers for the following:

  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Sixth Sense

If spoilers bother you, don’t worry, they will be marked so that you can skip them, if you want to.

Onto the blog post!

Does a story need a plot twist to be memorable? It’s a question I’ve been considering. My first instinct was to say, “No, of course not! There are plenty of memorable stories that don’t have plot twists.”

But after giving it more thought, I’m not so sure.

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