Does Your Story Need a Plot Twist to be Memorable?

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Warning, this blog post contains heavy spoilers for the following:

  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Sixth Sense

If spoilers bother you, don’t worry, they will be marked so that you can skip them, if you want to.

Onto the blog post!

Does a story need a plot twist to be memorable? It’s a question I’ve been considering. My first instinct was to say, “No, of course not! There are plenty of memorable stories that don’t have plot twists.”

But after giving it more thought, I’m not so sure.

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9 YA Tropes, Cliches, and Stereotypes that I Hate

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There will always be tropes, cliches, and stereotypes that I hate. There’s not much I can do about that, other than try to avoid writing them into my stories, and hope that others do the same.

In order to avoid writing them in the future, here are my 10 least favorite YA writing tropes, cliches, and stereotypes.

Just because there’s nothing I can really do about these tropes, doesn’t mean I won’t complain about them.

So here are 9 of my least favorite YA writing tropes:

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Bad Writing Habits and How to Break Them

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We all have bad habits when it comes to writing, since we’re all human.

I have bad habits, you have bad habits, even the best selling authors who have magically made millions off of their work have bad writing habits.

But that’s okay, since there are ways to get rid of bad habits.

Here are a couple of very common bad writing habits, as well as several ways to get rid of them.

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How to Make Time for Writing

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There are 2 ways you can increase the amount of writing you get done. The first way is to increase your writing speed. The second way is to increase the amount of time you have for writing.

In some cases, you just can’t make more time for writing without completely burning yourself out. That’s okay, because you can always try to increase your writing speed.

But if you do think that there are some ways to make more time for writing, you just don’t know what they are, then keep reading. I have 9 ways you can make time for writing.

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5 Ways to Increase Writing Speed

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As a writer, you’re probably looking for ways to increase how much you can write. There are 2 ways to do this, by increasing the amount of time you have for writing, or by increasing how quickly you write.

Sometimes you can’t realistically spend more time writing. It’s okay if you just have 10 to 30 minutes each day to work on writing. With a fast enough writing speed, you can consistently get 1000 words in just 30 minutes.

Here are 5 ways you can increase your writing speed:

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How to Maintain Physical Health While Studying

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Physical health is important to miaintain while studying, since our physical health can often determine how well we perform mentally, especially in regards to our energy levels.

During the summer when it’s sunny and I go outside more and get more exercise, I always end up being more productive. This is because I stay healthier during the summer.

Here are a few ways to maintain your physical health while studying, so that you can have an increase in focus and energy.

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How Color Theory Can Improve Your Writing

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Colors are often overlooked since they’re more obviously used in things like illustrations or movies. If you write stories, you may not think that colors would be important, but any topic, subject, or experience you learn about will help you grow as a writer.

Learning a bit about color theory could help you convey certain meanings or messages, and could help create a cohesive aesthetic in your stories.

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How to Maintain Mental Health While Studying

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Health is important, but is often neglected in favor of passing the next test or assignment. Being mentally healthy will help you achieve better grades with less stress, so if you have been neglecting your health in favor of grades, you should stop that.

Here are some ways you can maintain your mental health while studying:

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