Here are some testimonials from some of the lovely people I have provided styling services for:

I couldn’t have been happier with Rebekah. I am a soft gamine and really struggle with the recommendations for my body type. I just don’t like a lot of what is suggested. Rebekah provided fashion advice that incorporated timeless yet stylish looks that I actually would wear. She even helped me with wedding dress styles! I feel so much more confident after incorporating her advice, and anyone thinking of using her services should do it! 

– A

Like many women, I was unsure what Kibbe type I was. I watched hours of videos on YouTube hoping it would become clear to me, but I kept vacillating between 2 types with no clear answer.  After weeks, I decided it was a worthwhile investment to hire a professional to establish what Kibbe type I am.   That’s when I contacted Rebekah, whose material I had seen online and I could see she was very specific, organized, and professional. 
So I contacted Rebekah. I sent pictures, filled out a questionnaire, we emailed back and forth, and then came a definitive answer I was seeking – I am a Soft Classic. She knows what she is doing. She clearly loves what she does, and I am happy to know my Kibbe type so that I could start learning about my exact Kibbe type.    She was professional, so nice, helpful, and she went the extra mile.
Once I knew I was a Soft Classic, I was able to go to my wardrobe and start reworking how I combine and wear my clothes, what to add and take away, how to style my hair, and what accessories and jewelry I wear with what.   It has been fun seeing myself a little differently (I thought I was a Romantic and always dressed that way).
I highly recommend Rebekah. It was such a small investment for what I got in return.  

– Faith

Rebekah’s eye for style is spot on. As someone who wants to present more androgynously, I want to start breaking free from simple t-shirts and jeans, and Rebekah helped me with that! With the detailed consult, she told me what colors would work best with my skin undertone and what outfits would go best with my body shape. She took into account my androgynous specifications and gave me a wonderful list to start from, including casual makeup styles to try. Looking forward to my next clothes shopping trip!

– Winter

Rebekah’s consultation was really helpful for me to understand my body type and clothing choices!
What stood out most was how respectful she was of my modesty requirements and what I felt most comfortable wearing. She went above and beyond to find clothes that both fit my body type and had the coverage and modesty I wanted. She even found some hijab styles for me to try out!
Overall, Rebekah was professional and respectful of my requirements, helping me to find a style that best suits me. She showed me what she was working on through the process and then sent a final document, which was extremely thorough and broken down clearly. I have since started thinking more about how I dress and being more conscious of the clothes I buy. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

– Samia