Fall Lookbook 2019

Fall, also known as my favorite time of year. October is specifically my favorite month out of the year, so I figured, why not start this month off with a lookbook?

I love lookbooks since they give me an opportunity to view different outfit pairings and clothing combinations that I wouldn’t normally try doing myself. I felt inspired one day to make this fall lookbook, so I went with some outfit combinations that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Here are my five experimental outfits that are inspired by autumn:

1. Red, black, gold, and distortions.

This first outfit is quite an experimental look for me, made using a couple of pieces I wear often (a red turtleneck and black midi skirt), and then I went with a couple of pieces that I rarely wear (my floral jacket and red headband).

This look was in part inspired by Sabrina Spellman’s outfits in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and it was also inspired by Ashley’s (aka BestDressed) vintage looks.

Even though I love the look of my floral jacket, I rarely ever wear it, since I’m not used to styling statement pieces. It also has a tendency to make me look boxy, so to counteract that I decided to pair it with a more form fitting turtleneck.

For makeup, I went with an understated natural look, since I wanted the outfit to really speak for itself.

2. Grunge and garages

I love a good grunge look, so I decided to experiment with one in this lookbook.

I based this outfit around the plaid pants, which were a gift from my mom. I love these plaid pants so much, because they feel as comfortable as pajamas, but they have a little bow detail at the waist that dresses them up a bit. (They also have pockets!)

From there, I decided to go with a gray turtleneck (what can I say, I love turtlenecks!) and gray sneakers to pay homage to the grunge and alternative looks of the 90s and early 00s.

For an added fall detail, I went with a silver deer necklace, that I think really ties in the autumn vibes.

As for makeup, I went with a very messy and blended gray lip and eyeshadow, for an easy and effortless look (though in reality, the eyeshadow took me almost 10 minutes).

3. Vampire or vampire hunter?

I can’t decide if this look makes me look like a vampire or a vampire hunter. Either way, I love it! (And either way, I’m definitely pale enough to be a vampire.)

For this outfit, I went down the layers route, with a black over-sized coat layered on top of a velvet jacket. I find that these two items pair nicely together since the lining of the coat matches the material of the jacket.

Since I went really over-sized with the coat, I decided to go with a bodycon base, pairing a black camisole with black leggings.

To top off the vampire/vampire hunter look, and to match with the plum jacket, I went with my combat boots that are a sort of dark purple-ish brown color.

As for makeup, I went with a plum lip to match the jacket, and a light gray smoky eye to balance it out.

4. Suede, shorts, and thigh-high socks

This one was more an experiment in colors and textures than anything else, and I’m admittedly a bit shaky on the end results. I quite like the look of the suede jacket and the camel colored camisole paired together, but the rest of the outfit doesn’t work quite as well.

I also like the shorts and thigh-high socks combo, but I feel like they would work better with gray socks, a gray or black top, and sneakers, rather than the pairing I went with.

Oh well, this lookbook was about experimentation, and these were pieces I wouldn’t have paired otherwise, so I guess if anything I learned something from this outfit.

For the makeup look, I went with a natural brown eyeshadow and nude lip look. Nothing too bold, but it was fun to put on.

5. Golden leaves, golden makeup, golden distortions

In this final outfit, I decided to go with one of my favorite color pairings: gold and black.

Birch trees are one of my favorite trees because of the gorgeous golden color their leaves turn in the fall, so where better to take these photos than in front of my birch tree?

For this outfit I paired some black and white patterned jeans with a black camisole, black dress shoes, and a light gold cardigan.

What I love about these jeans is that the gold hardware of the zipper detail matches the gold of my leaf necklace and my sweater.

For makeup I went with a glowy golden look by putting copious amounts of highlighter on my face.

The finishing touch to this look really is the gold maple leaf necklace I’m wearing, which was a gift from my mom. It’s a strong statement piece, and perfect for fall!

What was your favorite outfit from this lookbook? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thank you, and I hope that I’ll be seeing you around.

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