5 Styling Tricks to Elevate Your Looks

I have a confession to make: I can be lazy when it comes to clothing.

I work from home, and don’t leave the house too often, so I prioritize comfort over style for clothing, without realizing it. The problem is: when I forget about style I end up choosing outfits that don’t make me happy with how I look.

So I’ve learned a few styling tricks to elevate my looks. I can still dress comfortably, while still looking put together and polished.

Here are some of the tricks I’ve picked up, which I will be demonstrating using one basic outfit:

1. Tuck-and-go

One way to instantly elevate an outfit is to tuck your shirt into the pants, shorts, or skirt you’re wearing. Even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, it’ll make it look like you put an extra touch of effort into your outfit. And it takes less than a minute to do!

If you often wear high waisted pants, shorts, or skirts, tucking in your top will also create some instant waist emphasis.

If a full tuck isn’t your thing, you can also do a French tuck, side tuck, or half tuck.

2. On a roll

Rolling up the cuffs of your sleeves or pants can create a more fitted silhouette, and is also a way of showing off some skin without going overboard.

I personally prefer to roll up the sleeves of any buttoned shirts I wear, as I find that it creates a nice silhouette.

3. Put your best foot forward

Just as any outfit can be dressed down with sneakers, any outfit can be dressed up with the right pair of shoes!

My personal preference is a pair of black dress shoes, which are clean, simple, and don’t impair my walking. If I know I’ll be sitting a lot I might put on a pair of heels.

Even if you prefer sneakers, you can still go with an option that looks clean and sophisticated by going with a sneaker in a solid neutral color and with a minimal design. White sneakers go with any outfit, and look good as long as they’re kept clean.

4. Ready in red

Anyone can wear a red lip and look amazing! You just have to find the red for your skin tone and apply it in a way that suits your face.

Personally, I find a neutral red, applied to define my lips but not over-line them, looks the best, especially when paired with a thin line of eyeliner on my upper lash line.

5. Apply accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. A t-shirt and jeans can look glamorous with the right accessories, just as easily as an evening look can be ruined with poor accessory choices.

My personal preference for accessories are a pair of pearl earrings, a simple belt, and occasionally a ring or watch.

If you use your accessories wisely, you can draw attention to the features you want to show off. As an example, I have a dainty waistline, so by wearing a belt on my waist, I can highlight it.

Similarly, I use earrings as a way to draw attention to my face. Dangling earrings bring the attention down to my lips, and on-the-ear jewelry keeps the attention balanced on my eyes. Earrings can also draw attention to an elaborate hairstyle or interesting hair color.

Let me know if you want me to make a post on how use accessories to draw attention to certain features.

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4 thoughts on “5 Styling Tricks to Elevate Your Looks

  1. Not sure what my body type is or why it does not work on me, but tucking a shirt in , or shirts in general actually, is awful on me, no matter what the type of tuck is…
    The only tucked things I can do are bodices that are clingy…
    I think it might be because I am short waisted

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think there is a link . For short waisted people I think tucking can look wrong for many reason:
        With a pant, the pelvic area can look excessively long if the pant hits at the waist, and if it hits lower the waist looks very large. Also it can hive a very long butt effect .
        With skirts it mainly disturbs proportion, but it can work better with no heals, because then it only looks like the legs are really long and not that it is the pelvic bone that takes half the body..
        I hope it makes sense

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It does make sense, but I find that members of the gamine family can pull off tucking, even if they have short waists. For example, I find that Jenna Coleman (soft gamine) looks great with tucked in shirts. However I find that the natural family looks the best with untucked shirts (except for maybe soft naturals, since it can add waist emphasis for them).


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