Thanksgiving Outfit Styling Tips

Thanksgiving has already passed for me (I live in Canada), but it hasn’t yet passed for those in the United States, so I thought I’d share some styling tips for your Thanksgiving outfits. These tips are more practical than fashionable, to prevent you from making mistakes that could ruin your outfit (literally).

Here are 8 styling tips for your Thanksgiving outfit:

1. Make sure there’s room in the waist

Skinny jeans may be a cute outfit choice, but if they only fit you when you haven’t eaten anything during the day, then find another option for your Thanksgiving outfit.

Remember that you’ll probably be sitting down, and on a full stomach, so test out your pants or skirt that you’re thinking of going with. If you can comfortably sit down, on a full stomach, without the waistband constricting your gut, then you’re golden!

Make sure you test the same thing if you’re planning on wearing a belt. It may feel comfortable when you’re standing up, but if the buckle is jabbing your stomach whenever you sit down, consider swapping it for a more comfortable option.

2. Dress in layers to be comfortable at any temperature

I don’t know why, but I feel like every time I go to another person’s house, it’s always so much warmer than I was expecting. My family tends to not heat the house to a high temperature during the winter, for both economical and ecological reasons, so I tend to underestimate how much others heat their places.

That being said, if I spend anytime outside while wearing an outfit meant for indoors, I’d freeze! Because of this, it’s important to dress in layers, and make sure that all the layers of your outfit look good.

When in doubt, I usually go with short sleeve or sleeveless, sweater, then coat. That way I can adjust my layers until I’m comfortable.

3. Avoid light colors

Maybe I’m just clumsier than the average person, but I’m not going to risk wearing a bright white clothing piece to an event that will have lots of food (and possibly alcohol). That just seems like a recipe for disaster, pardon the pun.

4. Bring a backup scarf

In case you do decide to wear something that can get stained easily, bring a back up scarf. Blanket or wide scarves can hide stains pretty easily, and are the perfect accessory for fall and winter outfits.

5. Go with comfort over style

Since you’re going to be eating a lot of food and probably interacting with a lot of friends or family members, prioritize comfort over style. When you’re tired and don’t really care what you look like at the end of the evening, you’ll be so much more thankful if you’re wearing a comfortable outfit than if you’re wearing an uncomfortable one.

One cute Instagram picture isn’t worth hours of discomfort.

6. Minimal makeup is best

I’m all for complicated makeup looks, but what I’m not here for is sleeping in makeup.

I don’t know about other people, but after Thanksgiving dinner all I want to do is slip into a food coma, so if you’re really tired you might decide to skip washing off your makeup.

Your skin doesn’t deserve that, so if you’re like me and you’re the type of person who doesn’t like removing makeup when you’re exhausted, go with a minimal makeup look that can be removed in just a couple of minutes.

7. Avoid overly textured fabrics

Overly textured fabrics, just like light colored fabrics, get stained easily. The more texture your fabric has, the more nooks and crannies that crumbs and staining foods can get themselves into. You really don’t want to ruin a gorgeous sweater by getting mashed potatoes embedded into the yarn, do you?

8. Choose a hairstyle that won’t get in the way

Lastly, choose a hairstyle that won’t get in the way, especially if you have long hair. It may look pretty to have waist-length hair perfectly curled, styled, and flowing in the wind, but you won’t look so pretty if that hair gets into the food.

Velvet scrunchies are a fashionable item that can be used to keep your hair out of your face- and out of your food.

Do you have any Thanksgiving styling tips you’d like to share? Leave me a comment so that others can learn from your advice too. And if you enjoyed this post, consider subscribing to my blog so that you can get an email update each time I publish a new post!

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