Re-Branding and Surgery Announcement

This is a difficult post for me to write. Not because the topic matter is difficult for me to discuss, but because it’s just not something that I’m used to writing.

I’m honestly not quite sure where to begin, or where to end, so I’m sorry if I ramble too much or this post is too free form.

At the time that this is being publish I’ve already had my surgery, if all went to plan. For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for long, or just weren’t aware, I needed to have jaw surgery to correct the alignment of my bite.

Though I tried my best to hide it in pictures, I did have an overbite, which prevented me from eating or speaking properly, so with the advice of my orthodontist, I decided to have surgery to correct this issue.

I consulted with a surgeon and felt really good about my decision to have jaw surgery, and it’s been something that I’ve looked forward to for months now! So I’m really happy that I’m able to get this procedure done.

My procedure was scheduled for earlier this week, so I’m now recovering.

The good news is that recovery should take a lot less time than I initially thought it would! After consulting with my surgeon I learned that I should be able to get back to working after about three weeks, rather than the six weeks I had expected.

I decided not to prepare any posts for my recovery time. I had tried to, but unfortunately the stress and anxiety of preparing posts in advance was too much for me to deal with. But I should be back at the start of January!

I wanted to make sure I got something done before my surgery though, which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been following my blog for awhile: I’ve done a bit of a rebranding!

While I haven’t completed everything yet (I do want to redo older post images to have everything match up with this new look), I’m quite happy with the changes I’ve made. I find that this new look and feel better matches with my personality, tastes, and interests.

I’ve always been fond of the aesthetics of minimalism, so I really wanted to incorporate that clean, simple aesthetic into my work.

Also no matter what happens, my favorite color scheme tends to always go back to black, gray, white, red, and green, so I did my best to incorporate those colors into my blog’s look and feel.

Months of work and consideration went into this new look, so I hope that you like it too!

A wonderful feature that I now have is that I can set featured blog posts to appear at the top of my home page, so if you’re new to my blog, those posts will be a good starting point.

I’m also going to have some interesting stuff in the new year, and I’ll be talking about what’s coming up in a post later this month, so subscribe to my blog if you want to get an email whenever I publish a post.

6 thoughts on “Re-Branding and Surgery Announcement

  1. I am so happy to read that the surgery went well. I wish you a full recovery very soon 🙂 Take time for yourself !

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